Safety Management of Global Hazard Chemicals Storage and Logistics - Modern Technology and Equipment Expo (HCSL Expo)  

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   In recent years, in petrochemical energy field, especially during hazardous chemicals production, storage, transportation, heavy accidents occurred frequently, such as 2015 Tianjin Port "8.12" dangerous chemical explosion, 2013, the United States, Texas chemical fertilizer plants explosion, 2001 South France chemical plant explosion. These accidents sounded the alarm to global countries, prompting countries to carry out more stringent management of dangerous chemicals transportation and storage. In order to ensure dangerous chemicals supply chain safety while meeting and promoting the development of other industries, how to keep the supply chain safety from the beginning? What are the international standards for the transport and storage of a large number of hazardous chemicals? What are the professional transport and storage equipment? What are the training requirements for the relevant personnel?

Based on the premire four successful summits, Landceed , as the convenor of Hazardous Chemicals transport industry,will hold the Safety Management of Global Hazardous Chemicals Storage and Logistics-Modern Technology and Equipment Expo(HCSL Expo) on March ,2018 in Shanghai ,aiming at more effective prevention and resolutely curb the heavy accidents to protect the global hazardous chemicals in the "energy input" and "energy output" source security. 
If you have the most cutting-edge technology, or have advanced equipment manufacturing, here will be your indispensable excellent show stage, new models of exhibition and summit combination can help you seize the new opportunities for international cooperation.
The Expo will attract exhibitors from the USA, China, Germany, the UK, Japan, Singapore and other advanced equipment manufacturers in the world. At the same time,Landceed will hold the 5th Annual Summit on Global Hazardous Chemicals Supply Chain Safety.The summit will not only retain the theme of conventional road transport, it will also join the dangerous chemicals shipping and other topics, analysis of how to carry out multimodal transport convergence project to strengthen the railway and highway, water transport, air cargo hub planning convergence and network docking, Break the bottleneck between the various links of the chain, to solve the "Last Mile" bottlenecks, enhance the proportion of dangerous chemicals in a variety of modes of transport.
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