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Landceed is a joint venture engaged in high-end business consulting integration. We have an experienced professional team and have accumulated rich experience in research on data, survey, public relation planning and market strategy, thus being the most influential provider of comprehensive market services in the industry. At present, the company mainly provides enterprises with business consulting services such as overseas strategic investment, business consulting, enterprise training and conference & exhibition.

The company has independently developed and managed various industry- and field-oriented conference projects since 2013, allowing industry leaders from different countries in the world to gather and discuss strategic development and policy hotspots together. Conference projects are mainly carried out in forms such as international summit, summit forum, technical seminar and corporate management training, and so far, more than 50 medium-sized and large events have been successfully organized in fields like food cold chain, finance, automotive logistics, lean car manufacturing, construction machinery, hazardous chemicals, petroleum, remanufacturing, etc

Landceed Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd Director of Business Development Steve Beverly given the welcome speech

United States Department of Commerce Commercial Counsellor Wellington Chu gave an opening address
Part 1: Interpretation of International HazMat Market and Government Policies

Speaker:The ministry of transport highway research institute /Dangerous Goods Transportation Alliance of China Secretary General - Jinzhong Wu
Speech topic:Business Cooperation of Dangerous goods transport promoting the safety development and industry standards

Speaker:Knorr-Bremse Commercial Vehicle Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Sales Vice President and Director of electronic products -Yongming Hao
Speech topic: Making Safer of Hazardous Goods Transportation in the New Normal of  Increased Road Transport of Hazardous Goods

Speaker:ConMet Nanjing Mechanical Co., Ltd  Vice President of International Sales -Mike Harman
Speech topic:Future Success Relies on Elaborate Details and Sound Safety Measures


Speaker:China Dangerous Goods Warehousing Association Vice President  and Secretary General--Baoshen Chai
Speech topic:Characteristics of China’s Hazardous Chemicals Warehousing Industry and Investigation of the Problems Behind

Speaker:Landceed Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd Industry Solution Expert --Jim Jin
Speech topic:Visualization of dangerous goods Storage and transport under the Internet
Part 2 Sub1:  Fasten Your "Belts" in Hazardous Goods Logistics to Protect City Safety  


Speaker:Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical Co., Ltd Logistics HSSE and Risk Managent Manager--Huantao Qu
Speech topic:Secco Hazardous Goods Logistics Company’s Selection and Assessment Criteria

Speaker:Sinotrans Chemical International Logistics Co.,LTD  Deputy General Manager-- YuanGao
Speech topic:Precautions Measures and Emergency Treatments Taken for Hazardous Materials Transportation             

Speaker: Roadefend Vision Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd  General Manager--Bo Wang
Speech topic:Safety Management Solutions under the Risk Control System for  Transportation of Hazardous Chemicals

Speaker:RongQing logistics supply chain co., LTD   Chemical Division General Manager--Shumin Li
Speech topic:Advancing with The Times and Developing  Sustainably

Speaker:Volvo (China)  investment Co., Ltd  Volvo trucks, vice President of sales and vehicle customer solutions---PingHu
Speech topic:Transport of Hazardous Goods with Zero Accidents

Speaker:Guang Xi Alnan Aluminium processing co., LTD  Technical Director--Huachun Wang
Speech topic:Alnan Aluminum LNC’s Technology of Manufacturing Aluminum Plates for Building High-Quality Aluminum Tanks
Part 3 Sub2:Experience Sharing of the Case of Safety Management in the Hazardous Goods Storage Industry  


Speaker:Dow Chemical  (China)   investment Co., Ltd  Storage and Logistics Manager--YinPan
Speech topic:Based on National and International Standards, Laws and Regulations to Create A Sustainable and Safe Supply Chain of Logistics Services

Speaker:NRS (Shanghai) Logistics Co., Ltd General Manager ---Yongming Jiang
Speech topic:Essentially Building A Strong Safety Management System of Storage and    Transportation of Hazardous Chemicals, to Create A Record of “71 Years of  Zero Accidents" in Management of Hazardous Chemicals (1946-2016)

Speaker:Cosco Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd  Safety Technical Director --Yiping Shi
Speech topic:Internet Technology- Based Hazardous Chemical Storage Services

Speaker:Bauhinia Paint Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Production&Engineering Director--Shan Xie
Speech topic:On The Relationship Between "Safety Management" and "Harmony" and "People-First"  

Speaker:Shanghai Beifang Logistics Group Co.,LTD  Operations Director ---Liangjia Zhang
Speech topic:To Ensure Safe Storage and Transportation of Hazardous Goods in According to Laws And Regulations

Speaker:Henkel (China)  investment Co., Ltd  Asia Pacific Transport DG Advisor ---Rongsheng Huang
Speech topic:Practice of Passenger Car Transporting Small Amount of Hazardous Goods
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