2014 China International Forum on Hazardous Chemicals Logistics and Road Transport

Time:May 14th -15th 

Place:Zhongji Yuntian Hotel Yangzhou,Jiangsu

Organizer:Shanghai Landceed Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

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Landceed’s  Report on Hazardous Chemicals Industry:
Investigation Report on Domestic and Foreign Hazardous Chemicals Logistics Development Trend
Market Analysis and Forecast Report of China Road Transport Vehicles
Investment and Financing of Petrochemical Logistics Industry and Analysis of Investment Opportunities in the Next Five Years
Feasibility Study Report on Hazardous Chemicals Storage Project
Report on China 's Petrochemical Industry Forecast in the Next Five Years
Analysis of China 's Hazardous Chemicals Storage Market and Logistics Park Report
China 's Hazardous Chemicals Storage Investment Strategy Consulting and Forecast Report
China's Hazardous Chemicals Storage Industry Market Research and Five-year Forecast Analysis (increase training)
2014 China International Forum on Hazardous Chemicals Logistics and Road Transport host successfully at Zhongji Yuntian Hotel Yangzhou,Jiangsu
 The summit is the most-timely, the most depth, the most thoughtful event in 2014. The premise must be based on the status of China's hazardous chemicals road transport, learn developed countries mature experiences, put forward China's national safety management measures according to native conditions to achieve the purpose of reducing the occurrence of hazardous chemicals road transport accidents, to minimize the loss of life and property.

General Secretary of Yangzhou Municipal People 's Government -Xu Lincan given the welcome speech

General manager of CIMC represented the organized party given welcome speech
Vice Director of Shanghai Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd-Charles announced the opening of the forum 

Main Topic First Part:Focus on the Latest Regulatory Policies and Development Trends of Road Transport of Hazardous Chemicals at Home and Abroad

Speech topic:A Comparative Study on Safety Standards of Hazardous Chemicals at Home and Abroad
Speaker:China Academy of Safety Science and Technology, Hazardous Chemicals Research Center, Wang Yuanyuan 

Speech Topic:General Situation of Transportation and Management of Dangerous Goods in China
Speaker:China Transportation department, Water transport , Director Chen Zhengcai 

Speech Topic:China Hazardous Chemicals Storages Situation and Trends
Speaker:China Association of Warehouses and storage(CAWS)   General Secretary-Chai Baoshen  

Speech Topic:The present pattern and future development trends of China oil product transportation
Speaker:China National Petroleum & Gas Transportation Corporation   Director-Li Zishen 

Main Topic Second Part: Application of Key Technology of Hazardous Road Transportation & Reliable and Effective Safety Management

Speech Topic:Standard and specification for liquid dangerous goods tanker
Speaker:Vice General Engineer of CIMC Fang Kun 


Speech Topic:Israel's car accident warning technology, Mobileye save money and bring peace for you
Speaker:WuBiShi Automotive Products Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Global Sales Director -David Oberman 

Speech Topic:Introduction of joint truck technology for hazardous chemicals vehicles
Speaker:C&C Trucks   Vice General Engineer-Chen Xianquan 

Speech Topic:Alcoa forged aluminum wheels to help the transport of dangerous chemicals more secure

Speech Topic:RCMS-Key factor for the challenge of 2020
Speaker:DSM China   Asia-pacific SHE manager-Lei Pingmei 

Speech Topic:Not a distant future - WABCO Intelligent semi-trailer project
Speaker:WABCO China  Trailer product sales department director-Sun Honghai

Speech Topic:Manufacture of Technology Aluminum Alloy Sheet for Commercial Vehicles and Modern Equipment
Speaker:Guangxi Nannan Aluminum Alloy Co., Ltd Doctor/Research Engineer Zhu Yutao 

Main Topic Third Part:Discussing the Safety Innovation Model of Highway Transportation Safety ,Coordination and Standardization

Speech Topic:Current Situation and Thinking of Fire Emergency Rescue in Hazardous Chemicals Transportation Accident
Speaker:Ministry of Public Security Shanghai Fire Research Institute   Vice Minister Ruan Zhen 

Speech Topic:Risk management of hazardous chemicals transportation based on risk assessment
Speaker:SECCO Shanghai   Logistics HSSE Manager-Qu Huantao

Speech Topic:Tire lean management - Michelin big team solution
Speaker:Michelin China Business Development Manager-Wang Xin 

Speech Topic:Eaton AMT makes transportation safer and more convenient
Speaker:EATON China Product Application Engineering Manager-Qin Shan  

Speech Topic:Best Practices for Road Transport of Hazadous Chemicals
Speaker:Nanjing Sansheng Logistics Co., Ltd   General Manager-Ding Hao 

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