In the trend of global industrial integration and free competition, China auto parts break the monopoly, transformation and upgrading is imperative. In the developed countries , Certified parts have been very mature while it is in the early stage of development in China, promote China certified parts is to meet the needs of the market, it plays an increasingly important role in circulation field and auto parts market, bear the duty to eliminate the channel monopoly, promote the fair competition in auto parts market, so as to enhance the independent brand auto parts core technology, build high-end quality, achievements of its own national brand mission, certified parts opened up a new model of China auto parts circulation.

Under this background, the China Automobile Maintenance and Repair Trade  Association guides the organization of the "China Automotive and Parts Brand Strategic Change and the Certified Parts Industry Development International Summit", hosted by the US-China Investment and Trade General Chamber of Commerce, organized by Landceed company.The summit invited the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Transport, the US Department of Commerce, the British Consulate General ,China Certification Center for Automotive Products and other functional departments. At the same time also invited some industry leaders companies such as BAIC Group,FAW Toyota, Chery, Pang Da Group,  Zhengtong Auto of China, Haowu Group, Denso, Marelli, ASIMCO etc, aiming at integrating the automotive industry chain, to enhance China auto and parts core competitiveness, and promote China auto industry diversification and three-dimensional system innovation, clearing certified parts future development trend and strategy to build high-end brands with international influence .

Opening Speech
                       China Automotive Maintenance and Repair Trade Association Secretary-General  Yan Bo
As the chairman of the opening speech of “2017 China Automotive and Parts Industry Strategic Revolution Certified Parts  Industry  Development International Summit”,secretary-general Yan Bo expressed his sincere welcome and thanks to the friends who support and are interested in this field and then talked about the theme of this summit - certified parts.And he said  in the next one and a half days, we would work together to explore how to popularize certified parts and create high-quality, competitive Chinese brand auto parts through entering the OEM pre-installed market.Representatives attending the meeting from the domestic and foreign automobile enterprises, the field of scientific research, teaching and management scholars and technicians, we will exchange the latest accessories in recent years certification policies and regulations, scientific research and industry experience, explore innovation hotspot and development trend of certification parts, system innovation jointly promote China automobile industry diversification and three-dimensional.
US-China Investment and Trade General Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General of the Asia-Pacific Region    Stanley Liu
As the organizer of this summit, Mr. Stanley Liu said the US-China Investment and Trade General Chamber of Commerce aims to build a bridge economic and trade and cultural exchange between the two countries.Through the development of trade, cultural exchanges and financial cooperation and enhance mutual trust, to expand cooperation and achieve mutual trade, technology exchange and cultural integration. In foreign countries, automotive aftermarket accessories include OEMs, certified parts, car parts, remanufactured parts and other parts, parts quality.Their origins and directions are very clear.But at present our domestic aftermarket maintenance market is lacking of production standards, products in a chaos, consumers have no choice, the insurance companies can only passively accept the high cost of the original price accessories. Therefore, the emergence of certified parts and remanufactured parts broke the monopoly of automotive aftermarket and  made great contributions to the transformation and upgrading of the automobile maintenance industry. We will corporate with many enterprises together, adhering to the "innovation, understanding, cooperation, win-win" concept, actively help expand the business of our member companies , to help industry develop in high rate and health.
Sep 12th Morning Conference
                      Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China    Chief Director      Cao Lei
Mr.Cao Lei shared with us the topic“The development trend and policy thinking of automobile after market in China”,aiming at“Recent developments and changes in the automotive industry and aftermarket”&“Main work and thinking”these two directions discussed in depth with guests.From the four directions of the future automotive industry in China, he analyzes the angle of attention and the way to deal with it, and said that auto parts and aftermarket are currently being re-established industries,maintenance industry is inseparable from the accessories;hospital can not be separated from drugs;Manufacturing can not be separated from raw materials.Promote the transformation and upgrading of the automotive maintenance industry,to provide consumers with more integrity, transparency, economic quality, convenient and thoughtful, high satisfaction of car maintenance services,to create a favorable policy environment for the development of the auto market is the goal of the future development;creat core competitiveness:shine maintenance,Science and technology maintenance,green maintenance,humanities maintenance are the overall development thinking of promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry.
           Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China Chief Director  Wang Kun
Brand is the comprehensive embodiment of the core competitiveness of enterprises and even the country. It is also an important factor in economic globalization. From the stage of brand development, China is now in the era of quality and economy, and the quality of the automotive industry is very important. The essence of Certification is to transmit trust ,service development,bring the third party technical services into legal management,form a more scientific and effective credit guarantee mechanism,coordinate the interests of all parties, form a consensus, carry out social governance, build the industry ecology, and achieve win-win situation.Supply side structural reform will increase the intensity of reform and innovation,further stimulate market vitality and social creativity,give full play basic, strategic, leading role of the certification, accreditation, inspection and testing,transfer trust, enhance integrity, clothing trade Huimin, promote development.
      China Association of Automotive Manufactures Deputy Secretary-General of the Aftermarket Committee    Du Daofeng
Mr. Du Daofeng shared with us “The development trend of Chinese auto industry and the development of Chinese brand automobiles”from general situation of China auto market,development trend of China's auto industry,development environment of China's auto industry,development targets and paths of Chinese brand automobiles four views.Data showed that China's auto market is maintaining steady growth, of which the growth of new energy automotive market is obvious.In 2016, charging pile construction achieved 3 times growth, power battery shipments increased by 70%.But the core component is still the shortcoming of China's auto industry.In the future path of Chinese brand automobile development needs to seize the opportunity to realize the intelligent network of automobile as a breakthrough, from big to strong.
                               ASIMCO Technologies (Group) Co., Ltd        President & CEO       Wang Bin
ASIMCO is China's leading supplier of automotive components. Mr.Wang Bin said that China is the world's largest car market, but we do not have a world-class component giant, but also the lack of world-renowned brand of parts and technology.With OEM manufacturers' requirements for component suppliers changing,requirements for quality and product consistency are becoming stronger.Local vehicle manufacturers are constantly drawing on the supply chain management system of multinational corporations. In the product testing and promotion stage,the first suppliers still prefer "Famous brands".As a supplier of Cummins , Mr.Wang shared ASIMCO operating experience with us and summarize the following points:1.Local components in the core products and the international level is still a big gap; 2. Brand establishment is a comprehensive result of market, product and site operation; 3. It is important to choose a breakthrough point.
China Automotive Maintenance and Repair Trades AssociationDeputy Director of Auto Repair Parts Committee & CEO of UQI Auto Co.,Ltd  Zhang Ke
From the 2014 “Guidance on promoting the transformation and upgrading of the automotive maintenance industry and improving the quality of Service”to 2017 “Automobile sales management measures”,beginning in 2014, more than a dozen favorable policies to boost the transformation and upgrading of the industry.As the quality of auto parts varies greatly, consumer confidence is low, and practitioners lack of confidence, and so on, the auto parts industry traceability system construction is more necessary
The development of certified parts will help consumers increase the recognition of non original parts,substantially reduce the premiums paid by consumers,saving claims costs for insurance companies, improve aftermarket parts price performance .Until then, we still have a long way to go.The first is to establish a sound credit system.UQI is using a small circular ecology system to help the national auto parts chain, Auto Union, 4S shop group, auto parts manufacturers, Auto Parts City, improve supply chain management, increase sales, reduce costs, improve efficiency.

MC     Zhang Ke
ASIMCO Technologies (Group) Co., Ltd   Wang Bin
China Automotive Maintenance and Repair Trade Association  Yan Bo
China Commodity Coding Center China Automatic Identification Technology Association   Xie Min
Jibaijia E-commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd China Automobile Dealers Association  Aftermarket Expert  Yang Fei
TopicAnti-counterfeiting, certification, traceability system, how to help China's auto parts to high-end market, out of the woods?
QAs leaders of manufacturing, circulation, traceability, coding, maintenance, and leadership, how can you help spare parts move to high-end market and get out of the difficulty??
Wang BinThere are 2 kinds of after-sale brands, OEM,OEM OES , independent distributor, independent distribution channel, manufacturer monopoly, OEM brand, OEM market has a long way to continue.
Yan Bo: This conference held, organizer and us has been brewing for about 3 months, we are looking forward to it, gained a great harvest at this conference . As an association, from the view of industry, certification accessories direction is right, we also has the target , but how to land? From scratch on the basis of landing, standardize standards, come up with ways to draw up rules to guide.According to the“Measures”covering traceability,relevant group standards are in progress.I hope the association guidance, public efforts to come up with rules to lead the industry to achieve certification parts landing.Aftermarket accessories are very concerned about the industry, and also very eager for a major event, related to industry order and healthy development.Association should emphasise the sense of responsibility and feeling of urgency.
Xie MinFrom parts producers, sellers, maintainers and users,the two biggest are producers and users.Manufacturing can promote the quality, responsibility and quality of parts.Users value credibility,including brand, certification, accessories, and technical level of maintenance to ensure the rights of producers and users,parts certification and traceability are essential.Parts certification and traceability are essential.The former guarantee the quality of the brand, and the latter on the quality of traceability. From the production of logistics providers, service providers, using technical means to know the credibility of the brand is from the end to end brand guarantee.Only unified coding and unified identity can achieve the standard closed loop, which is essential in the certification of accessories brands.
Yang FeiFrom Chinese manufacturing to Chinese brand to national brand, in the 13th Five-Year policy shift, but the core technology is still in charge of joint venture brands , which transfered to independent research and development. Manufacturing enterprises, maintenance enterprises and circulation enterprises are mutually reinforcing and inseparable. It is a social commitment for manufacturing enterprises to produce standards;The circulation enterprise starts third party authentication, achieves the standard, realizes traceability; maintenance enterprises need to adopt certified and traceable supplier parts, forming a strategic dynamic three party coordination,including the promotion of the government from the strategic level to start the market. Everything starts with the invoice action and drives the standardized market.
Wang BinCertified brands have made great progress, but there is still a long way to go.
Sep 12th Afternoon Conference
                                      U.S. KerenOr Consultants  Principal  Karen Fierst
Ms. Karen Fierst served for a collision industry for a few years and witnessed the market structure.She also introduced the experience of collision authentication into China, so her whole career was about certification and parts quality. In the Chinese market, there are challenges such as counterfeiting, etc., but there are also some opportunities, one of them is the development of electronic business platform, in addition to changes in consumer attitudes.China's development of the auto industry is not entirely from scratch,already had a certain foundation,At present, all enterprises hope to obtain a win-win solution, but the premise is the standardization of the market. Learning from the American market model in China,If the product quality control is insufficient, it will bring the monopoly of the whole vehicle factory. Finally, Ms. Karen pointed out that the certification system, the project, the recruitment of producers and supply and marketing cooperatives, and the establishment of certification channels are the basis of success.
Consulate General of the United Kingdom in Guangzhou       Chief Commercial Officer
UK Department for International Trade
Deputy Director for China, Advanced Manufacturing & Transport  David Bull

By 2015, cars in the UK were running at 15 billion pounds,At the same time, the UK is also a very large manufacturer of luxury cars. It is also one of the biggest industries in the UK. For these industries ,R & D is particularly important.A great deal of cost is spent every year.In order to develop rapidly in the field of research and development, many R & D centers have been set up in the UK, covering unmanned, synthetic materials and other fields. Britain has a long history of recycling components, dating back to armored cars. For them, the entire car recycling is a very important part of the industry, but the development of space is still very large. Mr.David bull wants Chinese companies to provide more parts for British businesses. It is very important in the development for the government to support and promote the development of the industry. The more investment in R & D, the better the outcome of output.
                                        Jibaijia E-commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd  Board Chairman       
                                  Automotive Maintenance and Repair Trades Association  Director  Yang Fei

It is precisely because of the demand for maintenance formats that determines the circulation of spare parts,Auto Parts City is a supply system of deformed fittings,Their excessive fragmentation led to overcapacity and vicious competition in the market.The premium is inflated, the claim cost is too high, the cost is opaque, and the customer satisfaction is not high.This format also caused the accident insurance company car maintenance core pain point. At the same time,without the spare parts supply chain ,maintenance chain would move in difficulty, spare parts supply chain has become the core of the market China pain after independence.At the same time, insurance companies actively deepen the premium reform,Lead accident vehicle repair market,core demands change. From a series of market-oriented measures, the insurance company has started from the internal competition to the external competition, and began to lead the accident vehicle repair industry.Mr.Yang Fei said,parts supply has become the core pain point of China's aftermarket, and has become the difficulty of each maintenance main body.

                                              China Certification Center for Automotive Products
                          Assistant of the director and principal of Scientific and Technological Development
                                                                         Chen Xiaodong

The certification model is undergoing reform,whether it is a government report or the spirit of a large document, certification is placed in the first column of conformity assessment. It is the basis for product conformity.Resource Certification is a new and high technology industry which promotes certification and accreditation. At present, certification industry has been recognized as a high-tech industry with high salary.China's car market is characterized by large, miscellaneous, chaos.Because of the price, most consumers will choose independent parts after three years of insurance.China's auto industry is a very special industry, different from foreign countries.There are many government departments involved in the automotive market in China, and they all participate in the management of the auto market. Therefore, he suggested that the development of China should first focus on the direction of the government, co-ordinate consideration, coordination and improvement in order to successfully complete the work.
          China Commodity Coding Center China Automatic Identification Technology Association   Secretary-General
                                             Jingcheng Yunma (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd     CEO    Xie Min

Product identity is an Internet information carrier that runs through the entire supply chain and life cycle of the product.Manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, transportation, distributors, and end consumers are the bridges that deliver and link information in the supply chain phase.It is also a platform for interaction and interaction with users, the entrance of Internet marketing.The coding and marking status of automobile parts is that the product has no general standard coding, and there is no uniform marking;unable to establish a public traceability platform, consumer rights can not be guaranteed;government supervision and management requirements can not be effectively implemented, the sub healthy development of the industry;The standardization system from manufacture to circulation, maintenance and after-sales service is weak;insurance claims chaos, unified coding and identification is the basis for quality traceability.The global unified coding and identification system is a powerful guarantee for the traceability of automotive components, and is a necessary way to realize the quality traceability of the vehicle network.
                           MATTRIO Automotive and Techology & Service  Co- founder & CEO  Zhang Zexu

Mr.Zhang Zexu took“Break information barriers and let data become productive forces”as his topic,delivered a speech on the back of the car market segment where data is needed as a support point from the analysis of dealers, markets, channels, to the introduction of their original mi-key model library.
TopicAre certification parts the spoiler or the only way which must be passed?
KerenOr Consultants  Karen Fierst
MATTRIO Automotive and Techology & Service  Zhang Zexu
Jing You International Group  Li Changhong
Guangdong express Quartet Auto Parts Co., Ltd   Yang Zhe
Tianjin automobile aftermarket Association, maintenance industry association fittings industry committee  Han Chunfeng
Q:Certification parts on the auto parts industry significance, views of certification on the road ?
Han Chunfeng: "Certification" is a market economy under the production to the end of the trust embodied."Innovation" is a breakthrough in certified parts landing.The establishment of evaluation system of third party certification, in the premise of the manufacturing industry, the development of industry linkage and terminal service flow.Innovative thinking, innovative ideas, innovative models, dare to innovate, dare to break through.
Li Changhong: Certification is one way we must pass, and the standard verification for the market is large-scale transformation and upgrading.Insurance companies have entered the circulation field,through the assistance and promotion of 7 insurance companies,to break up the requirements from a whole into parts.It will take some time for the process to complete.
Yang Zhe: Everyone knows the dilemma of aftermarket.Certified accessories is definitely a way we must go through.It refers to the establishment of standardized products to standardized service processes.In addition to foreign experience, national policy support,The whole car market is also promoting competition, and it is more important to lead and initiate the core role of the industry and to explore the methodology.Circulation can not dominate the whole situation,it provides standards of service in terms of standardization, coding standards, and guaranteed logistics services.
Karen Fierst:China has achieved so much on the basis of its own technology and foreign technology,she believes China can solve the problems in the Chinese market.There will be competition and friction in the process of achieving the perfect result, but too much friction will hinder our results.Industry chain links need to consider the situation and positioning, and then proceed to the next step, at least if for host factory standards, this is immutable.Although the manner of reaching is different, it is also the field of innovation, and the result is clear.It's not easy, but she has a confidence in China.
Zhang Zexu:Certification is necessary for the circulation, factories will now because the circulation does not need good quality to adapt to the market.Certification accessories should be encouraged to do high quality accessories.Driving integrity is not for price.

Sep 13th Morning Conference
                                                Jing You International  Founder&CEO   Feng Jun
A lot of changes have taken place in national policy including the host factory information anti-monopoly, including remanufacturing, the five major assembly can not be practical.Up to now, there has been a dramatic change in release and Remanufacturing.Insurance industry is the most involved and most deeply felt industry, and its effect in the crash repair industry is very large. With the development of the past 20 years, Jing Yu Group has come from the auto insurance settlement platform to the aftermarket and the repair shop,track of accident, vehicle maintenance, DRP quality system.With the reform of the commercial vehicle, the pricing, risk and evaluation of the vehicle have also been carried out for all insurance companies in the industry.In order to do a better job of supply of parts and components, they have built a platform for supplying parts and components.
Jing You International Group has also made many contributions to the industry,including the main rapporteur of the maintenance technology and industry standards for Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China .
                              Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association  Global President  Joe Kripli

Mr.Joe Kripli told us in the United States remanufactured products are certified accessories.He compared the used parts,repaired parts,new parts and remanufactured parts,pointingout that remanufactured parts are both environmentally friendly and certified.Remanufactured and original parts have a lot in the same, whether in terms of performance or warranty.But remanufacturing requires the support of old parts, and if there is no old part, remanufacturing cannot be carried out. He also pointed out that remanufacturing required the professional technicians to figure out exactly what parts were damaged.Mr. Joe also conducted an analysis of the global distribution of components in the aftermarket segment other than China, indicating that the main channel is still in retail.
                                    JD Automotive Aftermarket Department  Executive Manager   Qing Yan
For automotive aftermarket projects, Mr.Qing Yan described from the terms of market potential - private car ownership is increasing year by year,policies and regulations are gradually opening up, parts distribution process accelerating and owner's consumption idea is rationally changing ;Strategic objectives - self distribution and platform cooperation in the form of distribution as the core, but also through the integration of o2o and B2B form a circular ecology of the market business;The overall architecture - is mainly completed by Jingdong B2B mall and car after B2B mall to serve for ultimate owners.In order to achieve the project, Jingdong can provide massive C client, brand advantage, powerful supply chain and Jingdong financial support.To achieve its strategic objectives, Jingdong will also need to develop systems, professionals, services, data, and push capabilities.Jingdong is carring out the B2B parts invitation system.Supported by Jingdong B2C quality control, Jingdong brand endorsement, B2B self support, Jingdong warehouse system collaboration, and block chain traceability Technology,Jingdong will achieve a win-win situation in the automotive market and remanufacturing enterprises as well as the win-win situation of the association.
                                        Beijing Pang Da Rain Automobile Technology Service Co., Ltd.  
                                                        CEO of Pang Da Automotive Maintenance 
                                        Pang Da Co., Ltd. Car Business Department  Deputy Director
                                                                          Yu Hongwei

Mr.Yu Hongwei said that as for accessories whether to buy or produce,the 4S shop have to think about the future. It is no matter for the 4S shop accessories or certified original pieces are just the middleman.At the same time, he also hoped there will be China's universal parts and can be accepted by the manufacturers.The 4S shop welcome certification accessories, only they dare to use in the current situation of the problem. The 4S shop needs national policy support and market level recognition.The main feature of the OEM is quality, production matching is uniform, there are very good protection.China has a wide variety of components.At present, only the regulation of OEM is the most perfect, the drawback is that high prices, brand monopoly layers of fare increases. Even though,the 4S shop should not only be responsible for themselves but customers. Only if the quality certification system of production really accepted by customers,4S shop can do that.The entire credibility of the dealer group can not be damaged because of the low price fittings.
Topic:Certification accessories, future development, opportunities and challenges
Jing You International  Feng Jun
JD        Qing Yan
Pang Da      Yu Hongwei
APRA          JOE
Zhengzhou  Yangjie    Chenjian
Yu Hongwei: As the 4S shop fittings demand, accessories for the 4S shop for certification after the warranty period, it has a price advantage. Certification parts also need a system to guarantee.
Qing Yan: The customer decides everything, and we will consider doing distribution or third party self operation better.Certified accessories are still competitive in the same brand.But because of the increase in the cost of certification, competitiveness may decline.The certification standards of certification parts, the way of certification, who will authenticate is more important, and for us, we just convey this information.
Q:Does Jingdong as a carrier and platform ,have the quality system which will do their own certification, accessories and work ?
Qing Yan: The production standards and processes of parts suppliers involve the qualification and capability of the parts suppliers themselves and the core secrets, as well as the requirements of the vehicle manufacturers for the technical or parameter requirements of the certified parts. Parameter in this part of requires manufacturing standards, and experience should not be available to third parties.JD will cooperate with the third party organizations and will consider from the channel dealer qualification certification, the concept of tax, transparency certification, to help them upgrade.Production and manufacturing processes are not covered, Production and manufacturing processes are not involved and will be involved in the flow and maintenance processes.
Feng Jun: The service system of a car needs a system which is sure and secure,also concerning about security. Certification accessories involve a wide range of engineering technologies and a large variety of accessories.Except for the main production capacity of the main engine support the quality inspection system,no system in society can do that.Certification is the special appearance in foreign countries, involves two pieces or safety dosage is also great.
Joe: China is a new market and the vehicle age is relatively short. From this point of view, certification is still necessary.Because a car is a multisystem assembly, an accessory is likely to cause security problemsc without ertified .certification and non-certification function is the same, but the result is not the same, I hope it would be better if there are more certified parts .
Chen Jian: In commercial vehicles, only the original parts are standard, and there is no recognition value and quality in the back market. It is a big problem not to receive the customer's response.Partical promotion, prior promotion, rapid deployment will bring a big change to the aftermarket. And insurance companies have more cooperation in insurance claims who play the role of service providers. As for an insurance company, the very need certified products to reduce the risk of  reduction, customer satisfaction and service quality. In the future,certified part is  most likely to break through insurance claims.
With the concept of win-win cooperation, hope through this summit, promote domestic and foreign enterprises to fully communicate, expand the importance of certification in China, improve the confidence of enterprises, promote new business opportunities and create a better future together!
Thank you for your support and participation in this summit!