According to statistics,in 1994 there are 24 million scrapped car in the world scrapped;in 2004, only in the United States 31.5 million computers was abandoned, the survival of the human environment is facing increasing pressure on equipment waste, in the face of such a large number of waste disposal equipment , how to minimize the waste of materials and energy, reduce environmental pollution, maximize the reuse of resources, has become an urgent problem to be solved.Remanufacturing project is the best way to solve the waste of resources, environmental pollution and renovation of waste equipment. It is an important way to realize the principle of "recycling" in the principle of "reduction, reuse and recycling" of circular economy, it is also the key measures for electromechanical products recycling. Therefore, the development of remanufacturing technology and remanufacturing industry has been the consensus of many insight people, it also has great significance for promoting China circular economy development and accelerating the resource-saving society.

For this, Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA) and the US-China Investment and Trade General Chamber of Commerce jointly host Global Automotive Recycling Reusing and Remanufacturing Industry Chain Development International Summit,organized by Landceed company.We especially invited Ministry of industry and information technology of the People’s Republic of China,National Key Laboratory of Remanufacturing ,US Department of Commerce,Automtive Parts Remanufacturers Association,China National Resources Recycling Association,US Automotive Aftermarket ,Consulate General of the United Kingdom,Remanufacturing Committee of China Association of Circular Economyand and other industry associations and remanufacturing research experts and professors and industry leaders to jointly analyze the latest global remanufacturing industry policy and strategic targets, market trends. Through analyzing the problems faced by the development process of foreign auto aftermarket, we can provide reference for the development of China's automotive aftermarket, and put forward some suggestions and preventive measures for the challenges facing the development of the industry.


Opening Speech
The representative of National Key Laboratory of Remanufacturing in the opening speech pointed out that intelligence is the main direction of the transformation of remanufacturing industry.Remanufacturing is a typical form of green manufacturing, is the inevitable choice of realizing the industrial cycle development. The development of remanufacturing industry is conducive to the formation of a new economic growth point, will become an important breakthrough of the transformation and upgrading of the " Made in China”.
                                     US Department of Commerce  Principal Commercial Officer  Wellington Chu

Mr.Chu has been in our remanufacturing summits and delivered speeches for three times.On this summit,he shared the United States recycling enterprises developed rapidly in recent years , raising more and more concerns from Caterpillar, Xerox, Delphi Co and other large manufacturing enterprises ,and small and medium sized remanufacturing enterprises are also on the rise. The remanufacturing industry is environmentally sustainable, he believes and hopes that remanufacturing can find fertile ground in China.
                                 Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association  Global President  Joe Kripli

Mr. Joe Kripli pointed out that the annual output of American vehicles is about 17 million , China is 21-22 million, and the world's annual output is about 70 million , China and the United States auto production accounted for half of global production.Mr. Kripli believes that enterprises should shoulder their responsibilities while developing the economy. Production has brought a lot of environmental pollution problems, and it will also affect the survival of our generations. At the same time, resources become scarce, and the resources consumed by production are increasing gradually. Therefore, remanufacturing can prolong the service life of the product,  it is a measure to protect the environment and save resources.He also said that China's remanufacturing just begins, he thinks those people who pay attention to remanufacturing are pioneers. 

                                  China National Resources Recycling Association Deputy President Gao Yanli
Ms Gao Yanli pointed out that China's motor vehicle scrap recycling and dismantling of the rapid growth of 20% per year , motor vehicle scrap 2016 reached about 5 million units, creating a new record.The rapid development of Chinese automobile industry brings the industry and scrap car remanufacturing industry development opportunities. She thinks remanufacturing as a national strategic emerging industry is an important measure to develop circular economy and environment friendly society, is also a important carrier of promoting green development, cycling development , low carbon development, and ecological civilization.
Sep 13th Afternoon Conference
                    Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China Deputy President Liu Wenqiang
Mr Liu has analysed the "Turning waste into treasure -- remanufacturing embraces the China Industry Power Dream”and the overall development and strategic objectives “Made in China 2025”, put forward that to develop China's remanufacturing industry should strengthen basic skills, enhance the quality of brand building, and comprehensively promote the green manufacturing, and vigorously promote key breakthroughs in the field of development. He also pointed out that remanufacturing is the a new development model of manufacturing industry , can realize the recycling of electromechanical products recycling and  is conducive to the realization of the global circulation of resources, construct circular economy mode of the world, form a new economic growth point, to promote the cultivation of strategic emerging industries.
The representative of National Key Laboratory of Remanufacturing shared  under"Made in China 2025" ,the innovation and development of remanufacturing technology, put forward Chinese made five major trends: green, high-quality, efficient, intelligent, service. He shared the the 3D printing and manufacturing technology of remanufacturing molding technology , and give some examples to illustrate the application of advanced 3D print remanufacturing technology can be applied to include ships, aircraft, satellites and other large parts of the damage timely repair the situation, giving us a vivid display of magic and manufacturing technology of 3D printing.

Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association  Global President  Joe Kripli

Mr. Kripli shared with us the status and development trend of the global remanufacturing industry, he gave us a definition of what is remanufacturing. He said that remanufacturing is the best for the environment and can make the remanufacturing parts and new parts as good quality through the entire circulation processes. He also told us the development trend the opportunities of remanufacturing and industry growth rate in the future. The United States will continue to dominate the global manufacturing market, the Asia Pacific region is expected to grow faster than other regions.China and Brazil will become the countries of strongest demand for Remanufacturing. He also pointed out that China also face with a lot of challenges, such as the China car ownership is increasing every year, key logistics chain enterprise development is not perfect. On the other hand, foreign enterprises need to enter the domestic market and have a corporation with Chinese enterprises . And the mentioned laws in China also prohibits the import of remanufactured old and new parts. Now China is developing so fast that it needs a lot of core components. There are many foreign markets, but none of them can enter into China's market.

China National Resources Recycling Association  Deputy President Gao Yanli
Ms Gao analysed the development status and prospects of auto parts industry Chinese scrapped . At present,  the amendment of "scrap car recycling management measures"which is scrap cars and remanufacturing industry most concerned about , recently is entering the final stage. the scrap car recycling and dismantling various measures and initiatives introduced, will greatly promote the development of recycling scrap cars the dismantling of the industry.

VIP Interview:

After the end of the first plate was the VIP interview,in this part we especially invited the vice president Liu Wenqiang of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Research Institute CCID, global president Joe Kripli of APRA, vice president Gao Yanli of China National Resources Recycling Association, Doctor Shi Peijing of Remanufacturing Committee of China Association of Circular Economy and principal Karen Fierst of U.S. KerenOr Consultants . Mr Joe Kripli shared with us the core parts recycling channel in the US,he took Carter Biller as an example,96% of the parts they produced went back to the original factory.The exchange rate is very high.Ms.Karen Fierst pointed out that the U.S. government is not involved in the remanufacturing industry policy formulation, mainly driven by the market, unlike China, the government will give the industry a lot of policy support. Deputy president Liu Wenqiang proposed industry has two problems, one problem is the The U.S. government's dismantling of scrap cars is not entirely without rules, which are not issued by government departments, such as the U.S. federal trade bill, there are several provisions on remanufacturing, but one point is that there is no more restrictions for their imported old parts and remanufactured parts , import is allowed as long as parts are consistent with the general tariff import standards.Another problem is about recycling of old parts.He mentioned the old recycling mode of Caterpillar, because at the beginning,the new and remanufactured sold separately, but then cannot keep going on, so they choose such a more commercial mode.Such an operation model, China's enterprises can be used for reference. Dr.Shi Peijing thought in other countries remanufacturing parts are regarded as new parts, on the contrary, Chinese consumers have been treating the remanufacturing parts as old the concept of change is also a great challenge.
Sep 14th Morning Conference
                       Remanufacturing Committee of China Association of Circular Economy    Dr. Zhou Xinyuan
Dr. Zhou Xinyuan deeply analysed the process of China’s  remanufacturing standards.In June 2005 the State Council issued a document, the government will support the waste electromechanical products remanufacturing.In 2009, the Circular Economy Promotion Law of the People's Republic of China came into force, indicating that remanufacturing has entered the national law.In May 2010, the remanufacturing industry was nurtured as a new economic growth point of the country.In 2008 and 2013, the 2 batches of remanufacturing experiments were completed. In 2015, the State Council issued the "Made in China 2025" , vigorously developing remanufacturing.The establishment of the remanufacturing Standardization Technical Committee marks the beginning of China's remanufacturing standard process.By March 2017, 30 national standards of remanufacturing have been issued, more than 20 industry standards, 10 local standards and more than 10 research projects. It has played an important role in promoting the development of China's re manufacturing industry.
                              Beijing New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd   Deputy Director of Strategic Department  
                                                                                     Jia Hongtao  

Mr. Jia Hongtao described the development trend of new energy vehicles, from the general situation of global market and domestic market, analysed the domestic policy environment and China market trends.He predicted that the new energy vehicles will enter the stage of maturity by 2030. In the energy security and environmental pressure situation, intelligent interconnection and circular economy matures, the automobile industry to new energy smart the transformation has become a global automotive power long-term development strategy. The core technology, business model and value chain ecosystem as the three core competitive elements of the new energy automotive industry, will guide the future development trend of new energy vehicles.

                                              Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd  Marketing Manager Grace Qiao

Ms. Grace Qiao shared that Cummins is committed to the development of remanufacturing, established eight factories located in five continents, has producted more than 1000 kinds of remanufactured products, have corresponding market capacity in mature and emerging markets. Ms.Qiao introduced remanufacturing business processes and core management in detail, analyzed the influencing factors of the success for remanufacturing, put forward the "labor cost"  is one of the most important factors influencing remanufacturing development ,  at the same time, the influence of environmental factors is also increasing.

                             Yu Cheng Group  General Manager of Management and Culture Department Yang Yue
Mr Yang Yue discussed the reverse logistics of auto parts remanufacturing , put forward four key aspects: recovery, test and treatment decisions, spin off and reprocessing, scrap processing,and then analyzed the status of Chinese automobile industry and scrap automobile recycling dismantling industry status and problems.He believes that the most common the problems of the current domestic parts remanufacturing industry is not yet established old parts supply system stable and efficient.

VIP Interview:

After the end of the second plate was the VIP interview,in this part we especially invited global president Joe Kripli of APRA,deputy director Jia Hongtao of Beijing New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd, marketing manager Grace Qiao of Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd, general manager of management and culture department Yang Yue of Yu Cheng Group,general manager Hans-peter Tuerk of Germany MS Aotorservice. General manager Hans-peter shared the German remanufacturing industry, government standards, compliance, who produces and who is responsible for, higher self-discipline, and follow the market deselection .Aiming at the problem of battery recycling and echelon use, new energy vehicles minister Jia Hongtao answered how the battery recycling, how to control the cost of recovery and reflect the value of individual users, how to recycle, closed reverse logistics recycling, how to use the key echelon all need  further exploration.According to the new energy will have an impact on the automobile market, customer service, the minister believes that the new energy is the trend, but can not completely replace the traditional manufacturing, electronic intelligence will affect some people's employment, but the maintenance of transmission system still exists. The global president Mr Kripli of APRA also proposed that new energy vehicle is the general trend, is good to the environment and living experience , but also means that the future intelligence requirements for employees and the quality of the products will be higher, which is the need to face. For the battery data evaluation has not formed a standard at present. General manager Yang Yue of Yucheng group said, the current data are collated and on the exploratory stage, has not yet generated inherent data standards.
Sep 14th Afternoon Conference
                                                      US KerenOr Consultants  Principal  Karen Fierst
Ms. Karen compared China's car aftermarket to the United States,discussed the challenges and opportunities for China's automotive homogeneous parts.The main challenges are:The leading market mainly 4S shop, product quality, fake and shoddy products more and more market confusion, the cooperation between enterprises is not harmonious, there is a very heavy is the consumer for the after market accessories product acceptance is not high.The opportunities are: support for China national policy for the development of the industry, the rapid growth of e-commerce platform, consumer attitudes are changing, the lower price market instead of the original pieces, enterprises can establish a win-win situation, suggestions for enterprise development must have strategic thinking, step by step, don't anxious.

                        Changzhou Hanke Vehicle Techology Co.,Ltd     General Manager     Ni Guangsheng

Mr. Ni Shengguang shared the development of body remanufacturing, this is a unique concept.He pointed out that remanufacturing is not equal to the maintenance, renovation, he said remanufacturing is different from the simple "repair", but also different from the "renovation", but refers to the life cycle theory of equipment as a guide, in order to achieve performance waste equipment upgrade as the goal, to high quality, energy saving and environmental protection as the standard, with advanced technology and industrial production as a means of the special mode of production.

Shanghai Landceed Consulting Co,.Ltd  Emily Xu  Project Manager

Landceed has been committed to promoting the development of circular economy,since 2013 has participated in organizing and planning and manufacturing industry chain summits for many times.With years of remanufacturing industry experience and rich market contacts,after the fourth remanufacturing summit this year, Landceed will continue to undertake the remanufacturing summit hosted by the Automotive Parts Remanufacturing Association (APRA) which has the longest history in Remanufacturing around the world and the US-China Investment and Trade General Chamber of Commerce. At the summit, the Project Director Ms Emily Xu of Landceed shared the new economic model of remanufacturing international exchanges and cooperation, expounded the remanufacturing industry technological innovation will promote the development of recycling economy, to become the emerging industry in the modern service industry. Landceed is committed to the establishment of manufacturing resource sharing platform, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation then, to promote the production, management and marketing mode reform, help domestic suppliers overseas business development, foreign remanufacturing visit learning as well as the domestic and foreign manufacturing technology research and sharing of enterprises, help enterprises to seek the development of foreign remanufacturing enterprise partners, promote enterprises to participate in the equity investment and mergers and acquisitions.
Guangdong Brunp Recycling Technology Co., Ltd  Ouyang Lina
Ms. Ouyang shared the technology and standardization of vehicle power battery dismantling and recycling, introduced the power battery recycling background, power battery recycling technology, and China's power battery recycling standard system construction

After the end of the third part was the VIP interview,in this part we especially invited global president Joe Kripli of APRA , principal Karen Fierst of U.S. KerenOr Consultants, general manager Wang Haiyan of Beijing Sihui auto repair Co,.Ltd , General Manager Ni Shengguang of Changzhou Hanke Vehicle Techology Co,.Ltd and CTO Deng Yaohui of Guangzhou Zhan Long Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. Mr. Joe Kripli shared the difference between remanufactured parts and Homogeneous parts. Ms. Karen Fierst shared the difference between the use of remanufactured parts by other countries, insurance companies, and the reuse of parts. Mr. Wang Haiyan answered how to deal with the future development and challenges of the Sihui transmission , he said the business model of Sihui transmission has been changed from early matching with repairing and manufacturing companies to OEMs, 4S stores and insurance companies.But with the development of crash cars, business of Sihui company will evolve into more consumer remanufacturing terminals, enabling companies to carry out independent recycling and remanufacturing operations. Mr. Ni Shengguang shared  the difference between using and return Hanko remanufactured parts, he pointed out that the body parts has no national standards to refer to with reference to the original factory standards for the completion of new parts , not like engine which has specific standards to refer to.Mr. Deng Yaohui shared the distribution of Chen Tian's business.

   Global president Joe Kripli of APRA issued certifications for members.


With the concept of win-win cooperation, hope through this summit, promote domestic and foreign remanufacturing enterprises to fully communicate, expand the influence of remanufacturing in China, improve the confidence of the remanufacturing enterprises, promote new business opportunities and create a better future together!
Thank you for your support and participation in this summit!