Asia Pacific Re-manufacturing Cooperation Summit


Throughout the situation of the Re-manufacturing in 2016, innovation and integration become the main theme of future development. In a series of favorable policies and market economy’s efforts, the re-manufacturing industrial pattern is undergoing drastic changes. Under the guidance of the new policy, the enterprise’s interest pattern is changing fast by new technological change, new mode exploration,new market exploration, new field ice-breaking. How will companies face it? How will the capital be laid out?
To promote re-manufacturing--- the important part of circular economy development plan, Shanghai Landceed Enterprise Management Consulting Co., LTD., Standing the perspective of a third-party observer, relying on perennial business consulting experiences,integrated resources fully, such as the international re-manufacturing experts, the government leaders at home and abroad, the outstanding representatives in re-manufacturing, industry association, investment organization which focuses on circulation industry, etc. , concentrate on build a comprehensive re-manufacturing industry exchange meeting---Asia Pacific Re-manufacturing Cooperation Summit.

Summit address:
Shanghai Landceed Enterprise Management Consulting Co., LTD.

Steven Beverly, Chief Inspector of Business Development in Asia Pacific
This meeting is iconic and significant, we have various good policies about the development of the industry, and almost companies are also involved in the process of the whole industry, and professional skill upgrading also plays an important role in the development of the industry. How can we solve the problem of the machine? That’s what we need to talk about, including manufacturing also need fund input, and professional technician will come and give us a speech. Two representatives of Automobile Industry in China also pretended our meeting, we discussed the development of the whole manufacturing, and our relevant strategy, meanwhile, we exchanged related cooperation and suggestions. We will quicken manufacturing’s liquidity and social influence. At the same time, in order to build a good platform for the financing and investment, we need to better understand the potential companies’ background, including engineering, equipment, IT, etc..
First day the main venue speech:

Wellington Chu, Principal Commercial Officer of US Commerce Department

Last fall 2015, President Obama has signed into law legislation, the Federal Vehicle Repair Cost Savings Act, which repairs federal agencies to encourage the use of the remanufactured parts in federal vehicle repairs when doing so lowers costs,  maintains quality and performance and does not compromise safety.
The Federal Trade Commission Act, 15 U. S. C. provided that “unfair and deceptive acts or practices...are here by declared unlawful”. And we emphasize on unfair or deceptive acts. Remanufacturing constitutes manufacturing. If identity of the device does not change, then product must meet applicable technical and safety specifications.
Remanufactured goods are not used, “as is” goods. Its definition also meet the same technical and safety specifications as newly manufactured goods. It should be treated “as new” with respect to international trade, and it can help address our broader, shared environmental and economic objectives.

Nabil Nasr, Professor of exas A&M International University

We have a lot of research institutions in the United States, at the same time, we also have some leadership to complete the manufacturing equipment, and some remanufacturing’s related area, our technology is global leader. This is our latest equipment building, this is a green environmental building, there are many high-rating generators, the equipment is leading in the United States. Meanwhile, technology is also an important factor in ensuring our manufacturing development. If we don’t use good technology, our remanufacturing industry cannot get the substantial development.
We use green, environmental protection chemicals, when these conditions are satisfied, we can use these new technologies to promote the development of remanufacturing. At the same time, we also use the hybrid power to make us ensuring product quality and reducing energy consumption. Electron is also an important part of remanufacturing industry, including some electronic components, parts, etc., which is also a virtuous circle. But now remanufacturing industry is facing some challenges, and the most important step for remanufacturing is test, it can ensure product quality. We should also consider the products using life and period. Some products and components just can used for a short time, we can learn about the parts using life, so that we can use technology to extend the product cycle. In many cases, we also use it in engineering machinery, auto parts, etc.. We used many technologies about engineering machinery to maintain the stability of equipment.  Meanwhile, we also emphasized that ramanufactured products can maintain the same performance as new products and longer use cycles. At the same time, I also thought of a the United Nations’ forum about remanufacturing which we attended. At that forum, we talked a lot about the development situation of remanufacturing . Remanufacturing industry developed rapidly over the past 20 years, increased from 22billion to 70 billion, non-financial mineral also developed rapidly in the midst of all the energy sources, the global economy is undergoing drastic changes.
Question: What about devices? Do you have relevant data on the engine?
Nabil Nasr: When we talk about engine, accessories at all levels for its building structure, some may be used twice, some third, and will be split, after that engine can be updated from the aspects of structure, some can only used once. Different engine usage is different, on the whole its design and quality have certain association.

Quanqiao, regional head of Asia Pacific for America Automotive Parts Re-manufacturers Association

We ruined a car when it has a bit of problem, and in fact most parts are available. All of us here has many enterprises of retrieving and dismantling scrapped automobiles, it is significant to enterprises, individuals and national remanufacturing industry. Just now I saw the printer, and the printer is also a potential direction in remanufacturing industry, and I want to say that remanufacturing is significant.
First, Automotive Parts Re-manufacturers Association maybe is the oldest organization in remanufacturing industry, it has 75 years of history in the world, 70 or 80 years of history in America and European, is an organization which is synchronous growth with enterprises, and it keeps an partnership with association and organization in the world. It is a newly established organization at the end of last year at Asia Pacific. We can see the Asia Pacific remanufacturing industry grows rapid, so we need to develop synchronous to drive the development of remanufacturing industry. There are about 1000 members around the world, including suppliers for remanufacturing enterprises. Our purpose is to support and promote the development of remanufacturing industry, and help our members expand the market in remanufacturing field.
Currently, the size of USA, Mexico, North America is about 50% or 60%, there are some trends, some big OE companies building factories in developing countries such as China and India. Chinese remanufacturing potential is huge, now is 0.6%, representing 0.6% of the global market.

“Rolf Steinhilper, professor at University of Bayreuth, Germany”

Manufacturing should be a theme that flashes through our mind, you can see our product’s durability and stability, remanufacturing is designed to give our products a more durable life cycle. Today the way we live has changed, but we only have one earth. Let’s save the only earth together, we save energy and materials by remanufacturing, such as cranes and alternator, they can save a lot of material and energy consumption even in the world. You can see crane’s material consumption is only 11%, it’s lower than core products. So remanufacturing industry is very good for us, we can use the same materials to create seven times product, so that we can reduce consumption to save our earth. We also get the support of the Chinese government, and China’s manufacturing industry has risen, they are subjected to market demand, our product sales at an acceptable price, thus forming a good circulation. It is very clean and environmental friendly, they may have some product damaged, we can fix it through a series of techniques.
Quan Qiao: What do you see how to achieve the development of remanufacturing in China? You often come to China, so what do you think about China? How do you see the development of China’s remanufacturing industry? What factors do you think stimulate the development of China’s remanufacturing industry?
Rolf Steinhilper: When I talk about quality, we will link to Chinese managers and some technical problems, these people said 50% of the components is probably remanufacturing components, so after 15 years you will meet challenges that we meet now.
Quan Qiao: I have one more question, you mentioned the electronic equipment, and I talked about this in my PPT, what challenge do you think of electronic control products?
Rolf Steinhilper: It’s hard to answer, because we have software and hardware, and I think the software is a challenge.

Vice president in Shanghai Landceed Enterprise Management Consulting Co., LTD.

We provide a basket of solutions for enterprise consultation, and we provide a number of directional thinking and selection basis through the analysis of the enterprise’s environment and resource, providing strategic positioning for enterprise products and market. And finding and embodying the overall solution to solve the enterprise’s problems, this is our overall strategy implementation plan of our enterprise.
How do we embody these strategic plans?  Of course, we provide service for enterprises mainly from the following five aspects, first business consulting, second financial services, third data services, fourth conference exhibition services, fifth enterprise training services. Business consulting includes corporate strategy services, market research, market assessment and segmentation, product strategy analysis, product conception and so on. Landceed devotes to guiding and building the industry data service and standardization system.
Database and data services, it’s very difficult to know some data and information 30 years ago. At that time no Internet, no mobile phone, now we face the overwhelming data every day, how do you get useful data effectively? Now it has formed a science, we now have professional data service provider to provide us with each major’s data. Of course, we are not limited to these service providers, according to every industry, every client bases, we pay a visit to terminal customers to get the most important, the most practical and the most effective data. We provide the most accurate and exact data for the industry’s developing strategy.

Second day the main venue speech:

Daoyun Xi, Secretary General of Quality National Standardization Technical Committee of Green Manufacturing Technology

How do we construct and conceive our standard system? First of all, we analyzed the relationship and difference between the remanufacturing and traditional manufacturing and maintenance. I conclude that the remanufacturing has a manufacturing property, which is an extension of traditional manufacturing. In terms of standards, in fact many remanufacturing enterprises can use the standard of the original equipment manufacturing industry, relatively speaking, the standard system of equipment manufacturing and machinery industry is more completely. We make a lot of standards that are related to traditional manufacturing, and I summarize some differences. One is that the raw materials made are different, most of them come from the old ones. The second is that we use special techniques, including cleaning and assessment. Third is that the key point of quality control is different.
According to the standard for production and management, standardization has the effect of unity and standardization. We hope we can remanufacture your production, management and sales, on what basis I sales, speak with standards, including how to identify the remanufacturing industry, perhaps third-party certificates or standards, the remanufacturing standard is the recommended standard, now we follow the principle of free will, not coercive, how can we let companies willing to use. We hope that the third-party testing and certification identifies the remanufacturing standard, and our standard is the support of this aspect. Next national industrial organization will build an inspection center about the remanufacturing industry, including some agencies are doing the certification about remanufacturing. We hope that this standardization will improve the degree of recognition of remanufactured products in society, and promote trade and make trade cooperation through the standard between countries.

Hong Ge, Deputy Secretary General of China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association

We done some works during carry out plans, from 2014 to 2016, we undertook three topics in MIIT successively, planning and implementing scheme, making planning, organizing demonstration project construction, and boosting the remanufacturing plan this year. In 2015, we reported the implementation situation about “boosting project key point” . In 2015 and 2016, we have conducted a special report to MIIT’s leaders, and got highly affirm. We hope that internal combustion engine remanufacturing industry becomes industry benchmark. I wrote a proposal “suggestions to accelerate the development of China’s remanufacturing industry”, the proposal as the Jiusan Society’s central proposal was submitted to Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in 2014, it is such an honor to offer advice and suggestions at country level. We also made some proposals for National Research Centre for Development about market oriented development, increase fiscal and taxation policies and so on. These are merely provide some suggestions for national leaders, and make the remanufacturing industrial policy at an early date. We also made the 13th five-year plan which is impeccable, and we sent it to Ministry of Energy, the Department of Industry and Information Technology.  
China’s remanufacturing industry is a policy guidance market, so we need to make some feedback. In order to national industrial policy released early, and make the remanufacturing industry bigger and stronger, we should contribute our strength. Industry association is an important force in China’s economic construction and social development. In the new normal of economic development, the work of the industry must be innovated at first, with new ideas, thoughts, new measures. Our association will under the request and support of national policy, guidance of the relevant national leaders, support of our members firstly, playing a role of bridge and tie. We will achieve industrial develop innovative, coordinated, green, open and sharing to promote the healthy and sustainable development of China’s remanufacturing industry.

 Xiaomei Yu, Secretary General of National Equipment & Used equipment Committee

We push the model of old and new hire and repair, the customer orientation, and we remanufaturing create the demand for who? I have been listening to supply for the past few years, talking about supply, rarely talking about demand. Why our country carry out supply-side structural reform, our demand side is stuck, because in the recent years, we almost think about ourselves, how to cultivate the demand side, if we satisfy the demand, then we can expand the market. However, there are few companies talk about the demand and how to develop it. Therefore, we analyze them from three aspects.
First, what do customers need? Second, what do we have? Third, where does the product come from?
If satisfy customer’s demand, according to the customer’s purchase direction to demand, if customer is buying requirement, then we can provide directly. We can provide a new, and also can provide to old change new. If the customer chooses to buy a second-hand phone, we can offer multiple types of second-hand phones. Where does the new or second-hand phone come from? New phones come from manufacture or agent, second-hand phones come from secondary market, the main mean is old for new service. If customers wants to repair, we can provide renovation and maintenance. We create an industrial chain from understanding customer’s demand to meeting customer’s demand, and where the products come from. Next we will set forth it briefly. The remanufactured products meet the need for who, how do we meet the need, if you don’t understand the problem fully, so you can sell the products for who. So it builds up a recycling production chain, we make it run, and how many of the attending enterprises can do that?
Everyone is talking about circular economy, what’s the circular economy’s definition, this is called circular economy, circular economy is not a slogan, it’s connected to industry. You can take the initiative in the market only if meet the customer’s needs. Where is the market for remanufacturing industry at this time? Where are the customers? And whose needs are we meeting?
In addition, when we talk about leasing, we maybe once thought leasing is dealing from another perspective. The connotation of renting and dealing is different. The leasing company buys the utilization rate, the customer buys the right of use.

Huading Wu, The Former Shanghai Customs
Remanufacturing is the process of reworking the sold products in an industrial environment, and recovering the original performance and quality of the same new products, and the law prescribes it in the old mechanical and electrical machinery. During my working times, I found many international auto parts are remanufactured, and the old ones were not reported in the domestic market. In the Customs Law the old mechanical and electrical products must write an “old” word, new must write a “new” word. If you think your products are new by yourself, you need to declare. If you don’t declare, your behavior is illegal. This one should be clear.
Importing used machinery and equipment should comply with Chinese laws and regulations about safety and health and environmental protection.. Ministry of Commerce is responsible for the nationwide administration of the import of machinery and equipment, and the Electromechanical Offices in the provinces, autonomous regions municipalities, and special zones, they commissioned by Ministry of Commerce, responsible for the import management work of mechanical and electronic products. The custom manages the mechanical and electronic products through systematic management, which classified as prohibited, restricted and free.

Dun Qiao, CTO of Beijing Zhongzhi Resouce Circulation of Technology co., LTD

The whole country rely on the substantial economy to change waste material into things of value, recycling is the emerging industry, garbage is the resource that puts in the wrong place, recycling the garbage is a magical technology. Rubbish in the wrong place is rubbish, but in the right place is a valuable treasure. From IT we feel that we have responsibility to remanufacture it, it’s a very important accountability and social responsibility.
For example, a button battery, a button battery drops into water can contaminate 60,000 tons of water, which is one person’s water intake in his whole life, which is very scary. Our country refers to innovation, coordination, green, development and sharing in 13th five-year development concept. I think green is the primary thing we should focus on. In the IT remanufacturing cycle part, the United States and Japan and other developed countries have enacted relevant laws many years ago, and the United States formulated Resource Conservation and Recovery Act in 1976. Japan released Law for Recycling of Specified Kinds of Home Appliance in 1996. Only in 2011, China promulgated the Regulations on the Management of the Recycling of Waste Electrical Products. The remanufacturing of IT remanufactured products will bring about leverage efficiency. We have produced 120 servers in Shenzhen base, and saved 240 tons of mineral resources and five parts of the coal mine resources. Reducing the pollution of IT equipment, which has done in the current state, including producing some remanufacturing servers, and playing an important role in production. Reducing your IT budget in this respect will be able to spend less to meet larger needs.

Jianhua Yao, President of Zhengjiang University of Technology School of Mechanical Engineering

We are familiar with Laser remanufacturing. Laser remanufacturing is based on laser to achieve remanufacturing. There are two respects causes, one is the recovery of size, which is common for metals by laser cladding and 3D printing. The second is performance enhancement, surface enhancement techniques. How to recovery while improve performance. It has emerged a series of technologies, including coating technology, surfacing, laser remanufacturing. Laser remanufacturing technology has many advantages, first it has local selective repair, the fixed point is strong, the degree of automation is high. Second, heating and cooling rate are fast, the thermal influence is small, third, the combination with the matrix metallurgy. Fourth, narrow the size and control the perfomance. These technologies really enable us to remanufacture new products. Reached more than new product is not an easy thing, and is also facing many challenges, for example, first, with the fusion of substrate material after other material put in, it is more difficult than 3D printing. It is on the existing matrix considering accessories. Second, methods of improving performance, third quality assurance and intelligent control. Finally, this is a big one, how to be flexible and make it on site.

Second day the sub-forum speech at afternoon:
Sub-forum one: Automotive Reman Speeds Up the Development of Green Recycling Industry

Daofeng Du, Committee of Aftermarket Deputy Secretary General

Automotive aftermarket development trend and its Influence on the remanufacturing Industry.
First, promotion of government. I just said one way named Methods of Automobile Sales Management, which was set in 2005 and has not been revised until 2015, its formulation process is fulling of twists and turns. In this methods, one of the characteristics is the authorized operation. The Ministry of Commerce organized three symposiums, originally called “implementation measures for automobile brand sales management” to solicit opinions. In December 2014, it was asked for comment, and in 2016, it was still asked for opinions. This hasn’t announced yet. Dealers, after-sales dealers selling or providing accessories shall truthfully mark the original factory parts, remanufacturing parts, repair parts, etc..
Methods of Maintenance of Motor Vehicles, the Ministry of Transport issued “The Ministry of Transport Used to Modify the Regulation on Administration of Motor Vehicle Maintenance”, article 31, motor vehicle maintenance and repair operators should identify accordingly and mark the price clearly for the original factory accessories, deputy factory accessories and remanufacturing accessories, for the user to choose to use.
Second, promotion on the level of industry planning. “The 13th five-year plan for industrial development”, adhere to green development, properly handle the contrasdictions between industrial development and social resources endowment, promote green modes of production and use of the automobile products by lower carbon, improve the utilization rate of resources through remanufacturing and recycling.

James Zhang, General Manager of Cummins (Xiangyang) Machining Co., LTD

We say the remanufacturing business is very complicated, but at the same time, there are a lot of opportunities. In June of this year, I attended a summit in Beijing, and we saw many large enterprises also participate in this summit. People think now is a good time, we can talk about opportunities and potential. Inevitably we talked a lot about environment, labor force, supply chain, the integration of transportation sector, including the construction of the reverse logistics system. So, on the one hand, we called on, on the other hand, government may make some positive improvement, such as laws and regulations, including the elimination of barriers in some taxation, encourage the development of green industry including remanufacturing industry. From the level of industrial policy, we are encouraged without doubt. So we and all industrial partners have the same wishes, we hope to do our best for the development of the industry, to expand the remanufactruing business in China , to make a contribution.

Xianguo Li, Manager of Sankaku (Xiamen) Auto Parts Co., LTD

Remanufacturing business required conditions, the first is a perfect quality assurance system, remanufacturing should guarantee the product’s quality, service quality, through management system certification to ensure product’s quality. Meanwhile, the quality cannot be lower than the standard of the original plant, the warrantly period also cannot be lower than the new quality guarantee period. Like Sankaku which has 30 years of history, now it is a 9000 management certification and 14001 certification. Second, having a perfect production technology, remanufacturing industry should have the abilities of formulate and implement manufacturing technique, technical route and quality control. According to the different quality of accessories, different characteristics to make a different production process and handling method. For example, the handling methods of aluminum and iron are different. Including cleaning, component processing, component testing, rearmament, testing, etc. During the whole remanufacturing process. Third, having a strong developing and researching capability. Of course, this process should have professional tooling equipment, including numerous supply chain support to ensure your production process smoothly.

Xiaotian Chi, The Remanufacture Committee of China Association of Automobile Manufactures

Lacking of awareness of remanufacturing, many experts say Chinese consumers don’t approve remanufacturing. Whereas in developed countries, people in the United States and Europe are recognized it well. Why? I don’t think so. Let me give you a simple example, our industrial association has a special remanufacturing gearbox, in last year they sold it in the internet, which is the construction of the network platform. About 10 million dollars a year, and the cost is back. Who did he sell to? They sold it to the terminal customers, so how do you say terminal customers’ accepted ability is not big? Instead of saying terminal customers don’t accept it, there are many intermediate links. The terminal customer thinks that as long as the main machine factory approves meas the customers approve, such as the air compressor is the heavy steam authorization remanufacturing company for remanufacturing. Another is the repairman’s approval. How the customer know remanufacturing? The advance of anyone thing, seemingly without order, in fact is orderly.

Yun Zheng, General Manager of Zhangjiagang Qing Yan Shou Chuang Remanufacturing Technology Co., LTD

Since the previously proposed the theory of circular economy in Japan, our country put forword the People’s Republic of China Circular Economy Promotion Law in 2008, and finally 12th five-year plan promote the development of circular economy development a lot. There has a big change recently that the Paris Agreement has been a big boost to our recycling economy. From Chinese Industry 4.0 to Made in China 2025 strategy, we put the recycling economy remanufacturing in the key point. With the circular economy and low-carbon development proposed by our country, the whole circular economy will inevitably bring new development opportunities. From the main force of circular economy, remanufacturing is the high ground part of the circular economy. And now our requirements of the recovery rate of 95%, especially the United States signed a bill, which named Encourage Use the Remanufacturing Parts when Maintenance Civil Federal Fleet. In Europe, Germany and France, their remanufacturing industry reached a quit high level.

Sub-forum two: The Application and Development Trends of Engineering Machinery, Machine Tool, Shield Machine and Other Remanufacturing Sectors

Lu Wei, Maintenance Engineering Branch of China Construction Machinery Institute/ Shield Machinery Remanufacturing Innovation Strategic Alliance

By the end of 2015, China’s metro length will increase by 750 kilometers(25 percent) compared with 2014, and the total length of the subway will reach 3,750 kilometers. Now, 44 cities have been approved to build new subways. It is predicted that by 2020, the cumulative business mileage of urban rail transition will reach 11,042 kilometers. As you see, in the next 5 to 10 years, there will be a peak of metro development. On August 10, 2015, the general office of the state council issued a instruction about promote the construction of urban underground pipe corridors. It is required to develop special plans for the construction of urban underground pipe corridors. It plans to build 8,000 kilometers of pipe corridors each year, and the shield is the main force for underground construction. This will create a huge market demand for shield excavators.
China’s shield remanufacturing conditions are mature, and it is estimated that about 35 percent of the 1,100 shield structures are idle, and have been faced with major repair or remanufacturing. The shield structure remakes the raw materials sufficient, the reverse logistics is smooth. It is expected that nearly 100 will be remanufactured each year since 2016. Shield is a large quantity, multi-system and high value added equipment, and it has obvious social and economic benefits for its implementation. China railway equipment, NHIG, CSIC, China Railway Tunnel and China Railway First Group and etc.. Our countries main shield production enterprises and shield big user units are also actively developing remanufacturing business.
Promoting the shield tunneling machine industry form a circular mode of production and consumption patterns, boosting the upgrading of shield tunneling machine, improving international competition ability of shield, and promoting vigorously the shield tunneling machine remanufacturing is imminent. Based on the present situation of China’s shield tunneling market and future engineering needs, the best time to accelerate the remanufacturing of shield tunneling machine during the 13th five-year plan period has already arrived.

Bin Zhao, President of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., LTD

Xugong Group Remanufacturing also have our own specified principles, one is the product whole life cycle theory as the instruction, if you want to make product remanufacturing, you don’t know the condition of the original design of remanufacturing, there is no way to do it. Especially in life evaluation. In the design process, you don’t know how long does its lifetime, the evaluation is lacking of the basis. In addition, we aim to improve the performance of waste products, and we also have a piece of research with the team of Academician Xu. We are bvased on high quality, high efficiency, energy conservation, saving materials and environmental protection. We will carry out our work with advanced technology and industrialization as a means to complete the process of entirety and part of remanufacturing. We currently rely on our sales network to build a multi-dimensional recycling system, with the help of spare parts network, second-hand car business, and rental market to carry out product sales and leasing.
We face disassemble and assemble of remanufacturing, and the core of the used construction machinery spare parts, etc., such as hydraulic parts, many are imported, and imported components assembly and dismantling is a problem for us. We studied the technology in the process, developing the exclusive dismantling equipment and frock, solving the difficult problem of complex parts’ disassemble. At present we conquer all the parts of disassemble and maintenance of high-level hydraulic parts.

Yihua Yang, Chairman of SEVALO Construction Machinery Remanufacturing Co., LTD.

We proposed engineering machinery remanufacturing hackerspace, which is a UMKM which is through integrating with engineering machinery machine and spare parts remanufacturing technology, starting up business with professional technology and desire to engineering machinery manufacturing in the field again. Of course, there is also have an economic aim and social sense of responsibility, more economic purposes. They think that it is an industry which has a promising future.
We want to combine similar terms, such as factories, office buildings, restaurants, security, testing facilities, ERG equipment, we integrate it together, as a platform for space assets, low price or even free of charge for the maker, the most important thing is the reverse logistics. The park has a lot of area, its original channels have offline and online Internet platform, can solve the problem of reverse logistics, solving the way of consignment or order, sell it later with the help of a third party though extensive manufacturing platform, fiance companies, guarantee company, the products sell out faster. According to the reverse logistics recycling old parts, what form is adopted, if the adopt the part of order form,  value-added parts have nothing with the customer, if adopt the part of appreciation technologically, we can share with the customers.

Zhigang Jiang, Professor in Wuhan University of Science and Technology

Chinese capacity of machine tool is number one in the world, according to preliminary statistics, the capacity of machine tools in China has reached more than 8 million, and in 2000, there was 310,000 large size machine tools in China. At present, the numerical control rate of machine tool production in developed countries is 60-70%, and the rate of output ratio and NC is 80-90%, while China’s 30% and 50%.
According to the statistics, our country machine tool has more than 8 million, according to the general international elimination rate of 3%, about 250,000 machine tools enter the remanufacturing market each year, about 30% of the new machine tool manufacture in our country. If the weight remanufacturing rate is 80% calculated according to a single 8.0 ton calculation, the total weight of the steel cycle can reach 1.6 million tons. If we can improve the remanufacturing machine tool’s level by changing some efficiency and pump, shortening transmission chain, and using the new movement of energy efficiency to improve capacity more than 20%, mechanical parts remanufacturing cost is about 40% of the manufacturing cost, also can reduce carbon emissions.

Yunkai Gao, Expert in Laser Technology Application of Laser Surface Remanufacturing Technology and Application

Some characteristics of laser classing process are why we choose laser as the solution. Because traditional methods like surfacing, including other surfacing welding ways, why is it superior to traditional processing? First of all, it uses power, we can call it mental alloy power, the flexibility of powder is large, which is very wide applicability. In the general metal powder, we can according to the characteristics of the machine material, including what we need to achieve performance, we can add chromium, or nickel, or tungsten carbide, we can according to the need of flexible to change the ratio of powder.
Award presentation ceremony:

This summit is based on win-win cooperation, which aims to promote the full exchange between domestic and foreign remanufacturing industries, expand the social influence and enhance social recognition. Thank you for your support and participation in this summit!