Company Name Change Notice
Dear partners:

        As required by company development and with the approval of Shanghai Industry and Commerce Bureau, the company has formally changed the company name as of January 15, 2016, with information on company name before and after such change as follows:

        Original name: Shanghai IMCPowers Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
        Present name: Shanghai Landceed Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
        So far, qualification certificates such as Business License, Tax Registration Certificate, Organization Code Certificate and Permit for Opening an Account have been altered.
        The name change involves no legal entity change. Except for change in company name, business subject and legal relations remain unchanged, original contracts remain in force and original business relations and service commitments remain the same.
        We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may bring to you.
        Thanks for your ongoing support, and we will work pleasantly with you as we have done and look forward to your continued support.
        Best wishes!  

Shanghai Landceed Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

January 15th, 2016