Remanufacturing Industry:


        According to data records, in 2010, the production value of remanufacturing industry in the US exceeded 75 billion dollars, accounting for about 75% of the global total, and there were 58000 remanufacturing enterprises; statistics show that 70%-80% of repairable parts in the US were remanufactured products.

        In 2010, the annual production value of remanufacturing industry in China reached 74 billion yuan and it was expected that the market scale could reach 192 billion yuan in 2015; there were 77 pilot remanufacturing enterprises, with auto production and sales to reach 22 million units and demands for auto parts to reach 510 billion yuan, among which remanufactured parts market accounting for only 5%; the inventory of main equipment of construction machinery in China was about 5.61~6.08 million units, and 80% of construction machinery should be overhauled in view of equipment life cycle; the inventory of machine tools was nearly 8 million, among which those having served for more than 10 years accounted for more than 60% and should be subject to overhaul and even functional abandonment or technical obsolescence in 5~10 years…

        The above data shows that China has come to a peak season for obsolescence machinery equipment and remanufacturing is imperative! However, which direction should remanufacture industry follow, struggling alone or cooperating with each other to improve supporting facilities? How should we excavate this promising green treasure?

        Landceed team has made an in-depth survey, fully integrated industrial resources, comprehensively analyzed development opportunities and challenges for remanufacture at home and abroad in industries such as automobile, construction machinery, machine tool and energy equipment, set out from the reality, made efforts to solve the challenges we are faced with at present and centered on
——comprehensive cooperation between multi-channel capital and resources, to jointly push forward remanufacture and build an internationally advanced remanufacturing industry system
——diversified market supply and demand, to promote rapid development of remanufacturing industry
——advanced remanufacturing technology, to ensure product quality and improve product credibility
——innovation of marketing modes from multiple perspectives, to comprehensively establish a remanufactured product circulation system
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