Fresh Food

        With improvement in people’s living conditions and emphasis on food safety, it is expected that in 2015, the cold chain circulation rates of fruits & vegetables, meat and aquatic products will reach more than 20%, 30% and 36% respectively, refrigerated transport rates will increase to about 30%, 50% and 65% respectively, refrigerator and refrigeration market size will reach 80 billion yuan and the annual average compound growth rate will be 30%. By 2017, the market size will reach 470 billion yuan, among which that of agricultural products e-commerce is expected to reach 100 billion yuan. In addition to Central Document No.1 of this year emphasizing energetic development of online transaction of agricultural products, chain distribution and farmers’ online shops, many good news allow the fresh food market to be considered as “the last piece of blue sea” of e-commerce.

        From 2012 to 2025, China’s cold chain food demand will increase from 200 million tons to 450 million tons, representing an annual compound growth rate of 18.8%; data shows that cold chain circulation rate for meat and poultry in developed countries such Europe and America has reached 100% and that for vegetables and fruits has also reached more than 95%; while cold chain circulation rates for meat & poultry and vegetables & fruits are only 15% and 5% respectively, causing about 1/4 of vegetables and fruits and 1/3 of vegetables to get decayed, deteriorated and spoiled in transit transportation and storage every year, of which the value reaches up to 75 billion yuan.


        The above data indicates that this market segment can not only bring convenience to people’s life, but also inject new development opportunities into food cold chain industry; and with Internet-based thinking:
                --how to implement access mechanism, meet challenges and seize opportunities for food cold chain logistics;
                --how to break through technical innovation and optimization in new marketing modes;
                --how to achieve information-oriented, collaborative and standard construction of cold chain logistics and reduce the cost on food cold chain logistics under “aristocratic” supply chain


        Landceed team and Cold Storage Sub-association of China Association of Warehouses and Storage jointly organized the Seventh Asia Cold Chain Logistics Forum and Fresh Food Cold Chain Logistics and Warehousing Innovation and Development Forum, which emphasized “emergency plan for cold chain logistics to be urgently improved” to solve the problem of a complete cold-chain logistics system “from farm to fork” and ensure “food safety on the tip of the tongue”.

Previous activities:

Time Venue Theme
August 7-8, 2014 Shanghai, China The Seventh Asia Cold Chain Logistics Forum and Fresh Food Cold Chain Logistics and Warehousing Innovation and Development Forum