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        Landceed is an extravert and energetic team, which provides systematic orientation and on-the-job training (including opportunities to be trained abroad), helps motivate the potential of employees and allows employees to grow fast here. It is committed to absorbing and retaining excellent talents and helping them realize their career dreams.
        In view of rapid business development, we welcome the following professionals to join us:

1. International Summit Planner
        International summit planners are result-oriented professionals that are committed to the pursuit of success and are able to maintain good relations with business elites leading industrial development. They have investigation organizing, activity planning and staffing skills as well as good management skills. Professionals with these skills can achieve a great sense of accomplishment and quite competitive remunerations.

        1. Bachelor’s degree (major in economy, commerce, finance or equivalent preferred, work experience of 2 years or more required)
        2. Proficiency in oral English and Chinese expression and business writing;
        3. Strong surveying and analytical abilities;
        4. Experience in telemarketing;
        5. Anti-pressure ability and ability to meet tight deadlines;
        6. Being detail-oriented and able to make overall arrangements

Job Requirements:
        1. Ability to exchange and communicate with industry experts and company directors, collect and analyze information;
        2. Ability to make an investigation of conference contents;
        3. To supervise design and production conference brochures and handle all marketing documents;
        4. To cooperate with Marketing Department and carry out marketing activities;
        5. To take responsibility for operation in conferences and ensure every participant feel the quality and value of conferences.

2. Conference Planning Commissioner

        Conference planning should ensure the completeness of all preparations before a conference. Conference Planning Commissioner has to be an effective communicator and organizer who can effectively ensure that all projects are timely and smoothly carried out. Conference Planning Commissioner should be able to work under pressure and complete all tasks assigned by Project Department within specified time.

        Job Requirements:
        Bachelor’s degree or above, major in management or equivalent;
        Management experience of at least one year required and background in relevant service industry preferred;
        Strong communication and negotiation abilities;
        Good command of English and Mandarin;
        Ability to work under pressure

3. Project Manager/Sales Manager

        1. To take responsibility for survey and planning, marketing and management coordination for industrial summits of the company, organize and coordinate all resources;
        2. To make team selling plans and lead the team to complete marketing tasks and targets assigned by the company;
        3. To take responsibility for work such as guidance on training of project team members and performance assessment;
        4. To solve all emergent problems in the team and of customers.
        Job Requirements:
        1. Work experience in conference sales for more than 3 years and in conference project management for more than 1 year;
        2. Excellent customer service awareness, strong business development and interpersonal communication & communication abilities;
        3. Working in an ordered and planned manner, strong sense of responsibility and ability to work under pressure;
        4. Good anti-pressure ability and ability to manage multiple projects;
        5. Experience in conference project management in industries such as automobile, petrochemical logistics, food cold chain and finance preferred;
        6. Fluent oral and written English preferred

4. Conference Sales Manager
        1. To supervise and urge the work of sales commissioners in conferences or during conference preparation;
        2. To keep close communication with Conference R&D Department, Marketing Department and other supporting departments;
        3. To obtain sponsors or conference/exhibition contracts via telemarketing
        4. To identify potential customer resources through internal and external media publications, websites and competitive exhibitions/conferences
        5. To manage old and new customer resources around the world
        6. To fulfill and overfulfill monthly project return targets
        7. To attend various exhibitions and summits at home and abroad
        8. To review sales performance in the last cycle and describe sales targets in the next cycle in weekly sales meetings
        9. To train and guide sales commissioners to achieve sales goals
        10. To negotiate and draft sales contracts with sponsors according to terms of the company

        Job Requirements:
        1. Bachelor’s degree and excellent English speaking ability
        2. Experience in communication with executives or sales for 2~3 years
        3. Work experience in consulting industry or telemarketing industry preferred
        4. Ability to efficiently accomplish sales cycles, including developing new commercial channels, contract negotiation and closing deals
        5. High enthusiasm for work and subjective initiative, excellent business correspondence skills and communication ability, ability to work in fierce competition

5. Conference Sales Representative
        1. To understand and analyze industrial conditions through Google, Baidu, international business news, etc.;
        2. To communicate with executives (decision makers) of Global 500 companies by telephone;
        3. To communicate with potential participating enterprises, introduce activities such as summits, forums and academic exchanges to them;
        4. Ability to independently complete full-flow work in the charge of Sales Manager, including preliminary market survey, telephone communication, customer confirmation and customer reception in conferences;
        5. Customer confirmation before conferences and customer maintenance after conferences
Deep understanding of fast developing industries in China at present and of macro economy

        Job Requirements:
        1. Junior college degree or above
        2. Upright attitude, being serious, responsible and receptive;
        3. Proficiency in office software;
        4. Excellent teamwork ability;
        5. Excellent customer communication skills;
        6. Being proactive in work, quick learning ability and willingness to take high-intensity work;
        7. Sales experience in convention & exhibition and advertising industries for more than one year preferred

6. Chief Overseas Sales Executive
        Chief Overseas Sales Executive is mainly responsible to sell our summit and conference projects to decision makers in companies. Such Sales Executive should identify through investigation and negotiate with potential customers that can participate in conferences or provide services, provide potential customers with products of the company according to their needs and demands. The role of Chief Overseas Sales Executive is to actively win the recognition of relevant insiders, so that they will not miss our conference & exhibition services.

        1. To get familiar with conference projects to be sold
        2. To complete search for target companies and ensure efficient understanding of project information
        3. To contact suitable delegates in the given list of industrial survey
        4. To provide potential customers with effective and attractive information
        5. To register delegates and sponsors
        Job Requirements:
        1. Bachelor’s degree or above
        2. Understanding of telemarketing
        3. Excellent English writing and speaking skills
        4. Being positive about competition
        5. Self-confidence and subjective initiative
        6. High enthusiasm for work
        7. Teamwork spirit

7. General Manager Assistance: 
        1. Basic document work
        2. Internal supportive work before conferences (supporting sales team and conference planning team)
        3. Overall management and execution of large international conferences
        4. Selection and management of suppliers required by conferences according to quality and cost requirements set forth
        5. Budget and cost control
        6. Arrangement of itinerary and reception for participants
        7. Conference control and management
        8. Accounting, assessment and acknowledgement after conferences

        Job Requirements:
        1. Bachelor’s degree
        2. CET-6
        3. Proficiency in various office software and Internet
        4. Excellent ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing Business English
        5. Experience in international conference planning, organization and execution preferred
        6. Ability to independently accomplish work and solve problems
        7. Excellent team player who can coordinate with other team members and assign tasks in a conference as a team leader
        8. Excellent communication skills
        9. Self-confidence, flexibility, carefulness, integrity and high sense of responsibility
      10. Sponsorship Sales Representative

        Sponsorship Sales Representative in a sales team is responsible to keep contact with executives of leading companies in different industries and invite them to participate in conferences or training activities organized by Landceed.
        1. To effectively contain with executives in Asia Pacific and maintain relations with them every day;
        2. To express strengths and benefits of the company’s projects to customers;
        3. To assist Marketing Department to collect relevant data, information and materials;
        4. To accomplish relevant sales work and effectively complete monthly sale targets.

        Job Requirements:
        Characters such as exploration, vitality and self-discipline;
        Good communication skills (good command of English, Mandarin and negotiation skills);
        Work experience of at least one year required;
        Good team work spirit and strong learning ability;
        Ability to motivate other team members

        If you are interested, please send your resume to
        We will provide qualified candidates with competitive salary and benefits. Landceed will be the best platform for you to realize your self-worth. Look forward to your joining!