Construction Machinery

        On the occasion of relatively sluggish construction machinery market in China, enterprises and agents in the industry have provided attractive conditions for purchase of construction machinery such as old for new service, finance lease and low down payment, so as to stimulate the second bloom in sales of new machinery and maximize product sales, causing some manufacturers to blindly expand their capacity and seriously overdrawing real market demands. Meanwhile, as customer default rate continues to rise, the number of machinery subject to court enforcement is increasing, resulting in hoarding of used machinery in the market and a large part of cash flow of manufacturers and agents being occupied.

        According to the latest data in the industry, the inventory of main construction machinery at home has reached 5.47-5.60 units, while the trading volume of used construction machinery is about 50% of sales volume of new machinery, implying that sales of used machinery concerns cash flow, management risk and continuous profitability of main engine manufacturers and agents. Then, how to digest the high inventory of used machinery becomes a new problem for many agents; though with nearly ten years of growth in difficulties in the market, agents still consider used machinery as a fishbone stuck in the throat. The consequences of blind competition for sales volume and reckless expansion have fermented; the market remains the same, but game rules have changed. What should be done, shrinkage, transformation or reform? Agents are taking the test while main engine manufacturers should ponder.
        Under this background, as an observer of China’s manufacturing industry, Landceed team initiated the most practical, argumentative and in-depth industrial exchange summit forum in 2013, where the most authoritative experts and leaders in the industry gathered together and focused on how to develop new operation modes to achieve healthy, rapid and effective circulation of used construction machinery.

        “Those who do well in used machinery business can survive and firmly grasp the initiative to become a century-old manufacturer”, said YU Xiaomei, Secretary-General of National Equipment and Used Equipment Committee.

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October 24-25, 2013 Shanghai, China China Summit Forum on Marketing of Used Construction 
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