Automobile Industry

        China has a car ownership of nearly 140 million and has become one of the markets witnessing the fastest manufacturing growth in the world. However, increasingly globalized economic environment and fierce competition between similar products pose a severe challenge to profit growth rate of circulation and manufacturing enterprises, and the automobile industry has ushered in a low-profit era. But auto parts logistics has become “the third profit source” of the automobile industry. It is roughly estimated that every decrease of 1% in the cost on automotive logistics including auto parts logistics can result in reduction of at least 11 billion yuan of the cost on car production.

        Nevertheless, the auto parts logistics industry is still faced with problems such as too extensive management system, lag in work regarding industrial standardization system, wide distribution of suppliers, low integration of logistics resources, inventory backlog and failure of delivery timeliness, stability and accuracy to meet the requirements of manufacturing enterprises. Moreover, problems such as increasingly personalized customer needs, more complex model configuration, high requirements of order-based production for auto parts logistics, and failure of automobile companies to care for important routine work such as personnel management and goods delivery whilst laying emphasis on competition are directly related to the supply of various parts by automobile companies, normal production and reduction of supply cost, so the quality of factory logistics influences the comprehensive competitiveness of an enterprise.

        How to optimize automobile supply chain management and auto parts inbound logistic cost control with lean thinking will be the key to improvement of enterprises’ competitiveness.

        In order to help automobile enterprises in the supply chain confront unpredictable market impact and effectively coordinate and cooperate with each other, Landceed team has planned and organized several automobile supply chain conferences centering on such themes as “flexible” development strategy, “lean production” management mode and new marketing concepts.

Previous Activities:

Time Venue Theme
August 26~27, 2015 Changchun, China The Fifth Automobile Lightweighting, Interiors and Exteriors Forum
October 27~28, 2014 Shanghai, China China Summit Forum on Automobile Manufacture Innovation and Development and Exchange Conference
on Auto Parts Inbound Logistics Supply and Demand
August 1, 2014 Shanghai, China Forum on Manufacturing Technology in Chinese Automobile Industry
March 6, 2014 Shanghai, China Lean Workshop on Supply Chains in International Automobile Industry
January 8~9, 2014 Shanghai, China China Auto Parts Logistics Innovation and Development Summit Forum -the Selection of Factory Logistics
Innovative Service Mode and the Construction and Implementation of Operation Mode