Hazardous chemicals

        In recent years, with rapid economic development in China, the demand for hazardous goods is also increasing quickly. Data statistics show that there are about 200 million tons of hazardous materials subject to road transportation every year in China, among which more than 95% are subject to transportation from one place to another, with more than 100 million tons of inflammable and combustible oil products, but the proportion of accidents in links of storage and transportation exceeds 30%. How to fasten the “safety belt” for hazardous goods logistics development and realize safe and sustainable green logistics has become a focus of the industry and is also the priority among priorities of competent authorities in the industry and enterprises in respect of hazardous goods transportation safety management.

        Under this background, as a third party observer in hazardous goods transportation industry, Shanghai Landceed Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., based on rich experience in overseas and domestic investment and consultation, has integrated excellent resources at home and abroad, repeatedly initiated and organized the Hazardous Chemicals Logistics and Road Transportation International Summit, and invited international and domestic government sectors, expert organizations in the industry, transnational petrochemical manufacturers, CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC and excellent logistics companies to appear for in terms of the full industrial chain such as the latest policies and technical standards at home and aboard, work safety management, logistics link completion, transportation and warehousing safety, logistics efficiency and emergency treatment for several times that prevention before accidents is far more humanistic than rescue after accidents and transportation of hazardous goods cannot be free of risks unless the safety belt for hazardous goods logistics is well fastened.

Previous Activities

Time Venue  Theme
May 14-15, 2014 Yangzhou, China China Hazardous Chemicals Logistics and Road Transportation International Summit
March 19-20, 2015 Shanghai, China China Hazardous Chemicals Logistics and Road Transportation International Summit