Landceed’s “Golden Service” tailored for customers

I. Capital connection service

1. Overseas M&A
    With increasing overseas investment and M&A by Chinese enterprises as well as a series of policy dividends energetically advocated by the Chinese government to promote Chinese enterprises to “go out”, such as “The Belt and Road Initiative” and Shanghai/Guangdong/Fujian/Tianjin Free Trade Zone, overseas M&A by Chinese enterprises come to a new climax.

     Landceed team is familiar with main investment policies/laws/tax requirements and procedures in China and other countries in the world. It is not only proficient in overall framework planning for overseas M&A by listed companies and M&A technical operations, but also has a transnational expert team engaged in overseas investment and financing, offshore operation and M&A for years, so it can provide comprehensive guidance on overseas investment and M&A by enterprises.

2. Cross-border financing
     Domestic financing costs quite a lot at present, so how to reduce the cost? The cost on overseas financing is very low, so how to achieve it? What are the conditions for cross-border financing? How to operate it?
     Landceed team works with authoritative experts in fields such as overseas investment and financing, offshore operation, banking, international trade, law and auditing in Singapore, Hong Kong and Mainland China; these experts specially provide schemes and consulting services for China’s cross-border financing by virtue of their experience in overseas investment and financing as well offshore operation for years.

3. M&A planning in China
    Landceed team assists companies to complete M&A of objects and integration after M&A by means of object selection, due diligence, feasibility research, scheme design, process arrangement, mediation, approval and filing, value assessment, M&A financing, tax planning, etc., so as to reduce the cost of companies on access to new industries and markets, promote great-leap-forward development of companies , help companies implement proper anti-takeover strategies and ensure stable and desired results.
    Additionally, Landceed can provide independent financial consulting reports and independent third party opinions for transactions of companies such as M&A, substantive connected transactions and share repurchase.
   Major assets restructuring: increase profitability, optimize corporate asset structure, improve corporate asset quality, create capital gain opportunities for investors, and achieve free flow and optimal allocation of capital.

4. Introduction of strategic investors
    Based on the current situation and industrial distribution of enterprises, Landceed team assists strategic investors of the enterprises to adjust their industrial structure with the help of their industrial strengths and resources, so as to realize sharing of existing resources, complementation of each other’s advantages and development. It seeks new profit growth points to achieve win-win results. It provides customers with investment consultation services according to their needs, helps them target relevant high-quality assets and assists customers to close the deal through effective trading modes.

a. Strategic increase of holdings: to realize investment in relevant industries and resources of a company by buying a considerable number of stocks of the company to obtain the control over the company and then accomplish its own development strategy.

b. Tender offer: investors possess 30% of the total equity of a company and hope to continue to increase the holdings and trigger a tender offer

c. Equity replacement: to bring in proper strategic partners according to strategic development demands of major shareholders, take a stake in these partners through equity replacement and work with these partners.

d. Assets replacement: major shareholders can replace assets with stock ownership and inject the assets in a company, so as to carry out restructuring of some entire assets, seek new development for the company and increase the corporate quality.

5. Asset restructuring
    It aims at increasing the efficiency of internal resources allocation through adjustment and optimization of main factors of a company such as assets, business and personnel, and achieving corporate value.

6. Debt restructuring
    Specific goals of debt restructuring include bearing the loss and revitalizing assets, with the latter being the key to revival of a company and helping a company get out of vicious circle and step into virtuous circle.
     Landceed team improves the structure of assets and liabilities and a company’s financial strength and operation capacity by reorganizing and optimizing allocation of resources. Meanwhile, it provides customers with suggestions on debt restructuring, recommends and assists intermediaries such as law and accounting firms in their work, jointly works out a restructuring scheme and assists the implementation of the scheme.

II. Value-added Financial Services

1. Industrial integration consultation
     Landceed team develops and rebuilds the core competitiveness of a company through comprehensive analysis and positioning of resources, risks and strategies of the company. It helps enterprises seek long-term competitive advantage, studies the developing venation, prospect, correlation and value chain of the industrial group according to the law of industrial development, optimizes allocation of resources, carries out trans-space, cross-regional and cross-industrial reallocation of production factors, adjusts and constructs a new capital structure, and offers industrial integration planning and suggestions.

2. Management consultant
     Landceed team has provided more than 500 transnational enterprises and Chinese enterprises with professional services over the years, knows very well how global enterprises develop through the capital platform and has professional teams of accounting, auditing, legal and management experts in place to provide professional operation management consultation and services. Landceed, as a corporate operation management consultant, can help domestic enterprises abroad and foreign enterprises in China carry out more standard and legal operation and management.

    Corporate operation and management consultation services mainly include:
1. Corporate income tax, consumption tax and individual income tax consultation and declaration services
2. Human resource (regulation consultation and employment pass application) services
3. Annual reports, accounting record arrangements and auditing arrangements
4. Staff remuneration and provident fund account opening, payment and management consultation
5. Offshore account opening and usage management consultation
6. Basic planning and guidance for offshore operation (1-2 schemes for option)
7. Office site selection, renting consultation and services
8. Consultation of basic knowledge on intellectual property

3. Tax consultation
     Landceed tax consultation group is composed of overseas and domestic tax consultants who have a thorough understanding of tax laws and regulations of the US, Australia, the Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, etc., and rich practical experience. Based on a profound understanding of customers’ businesses and industries, it can help solve tax problems in Mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas countries, identify risks and opportunities in operation for customers, assist customers to increase compliance and improve cash flow, and win over the greatest tax relief.

     It provides the following services:
1. Tax consultants all the year round
2. Tax planning: tax saving planning and reduction of tax risks
3. Financial system design
4. Reconstruction of corporate financial management system
5. Internal control and inspection, tax risk examination and identification
6. Central control of corporate finance