Landceed Training



        How can Chinese enterprises correctly position themselves in the global industry chain, break out of the low-profit predicament and truly win in global competition in the face of challenges and opportunities that global economic reshuffle has brought? The development from a manufacturing country to a manufacturing power and from a processing workshop to a global enterprise with sustainable profitability will surely usher in the advent of a “smart manufacturing” era in China. Efforts are being made to cultivate Chinese “smart manufacturing” leaders with perspective systematic thinking, international vision and Chinese indigenous comprehension and innovative spirit, so that Chinese manufacturing enterprises can win by means of smart manufacturing and stand out in the “smart manufacturing” era.

        In this context, Landceed training provides organizational capacity development and talent cultivation services for sustainable development of enterprises based on a professional business consulting platform, with the service philosophy of “teaching one to fish”, according to special training demands of enterprises and in according with the standard of providing tailored services for enterprises with first-class consultant teams that come mostly from Global 500 companies and have practical management and talent development experience. We also provide enterprises with one-stop integrated solutions and help them nurture their own competitiveness.

        Landceed training services cover professional consultation and training services (HSE training/consultation) regarding business ability enhancement, lean production improvement, supply chain optimization, service ability improvement, health, safety, environment, etc.

Landceed training has the following characteristics:

Characteristic 1: database of practical enterprise problems

        Project teaching is problem-orientated. It requires each trainee to learn with enterprise management problems or development puzzles in the mind, identifies problems through in-depth communication before training, establishes problem database and tailors a teaching plan for each class according to enterprise problems and actual demands of trainees.

Characteristic 2: practical course system

        The most characteristic practical course system: all courses in the system meet teaching requirements of practice, action and efficiency, and Landceed has a think tank consisting of famous professors, executives in transnational corporations and corporate experts well established in both academic theory and practical application. Through teaching in class, case studies and innovative ideas imparting, trainees can benefit from systematic, practical and efficient instructions, and then apply what they learn effectively.

Characteristic 3: on-site enterprise symposiums

        Practice, action and efficiency are further achieved by organizing enterprises to visit and learn or through diagnostic discussions and learning of enterprises. Ways of learning include mobile classroom lectures, group discussion, case analysis, speeches of honored guests, benchmarking survey, salon, forum and private director meeting after class, so as to inspire trainees to think deeply. Trainees are also taught to learn the best of others or draw lessons from others’ failures.

Characteristic 4: pragmatic team action learning

        Course teaching adopts the teaching method of highly intensive case studies and introduces team action learning with the best practical effects in the world throughout case studies; trainees will be assigned to different teams and carry out discussions, analysis and query on practical problems or typical cases and finally make effective consensuses and decisions on solution through individual efforts and team wisdom.

Characteristic 5: effective special training

        Where individual trainees may request corporate executives to take part due to business secrets and cannot solve inherent problems, the project team will tailor effective special training plans for these trainees relying on its own resources, tutor relevant enterprises to build internal decision-making think tanks, so as to define and solve problems, establish duplicable decision-making models, effectively solve the present and future enterprise problems and achieve continuous improvement of enterprise performance.

Characteristic 6: the most characteristic value-added learning platform and excellent social connections platform

        Landceed adheres to the philosophy of “letting learning be a habit”, builds an influential and valuable learning exchange platform for trainees, regularly organizes various high-end free lectures and large industrial forums where trainees can discuss with representatives of benchmarking enterprises in the industry and successful people, provides trainees with long-term value-added learning services, works with excellent CEO organizations to organize regular resource connection activities such as fellowship activities and startup projects, and expand social connections and create platforms for mutual cooperation for trainees.