Landceed Activity Center

        Landceed always goes deep into the industry, makes use of its own specialized market survey ability, integrates resources, builds the most direct, professional and cutting-edge information and exchange platform by planning and organizing activities such as summit forum at home and abroad, visit of benchmarking enterprises, corporate training, new product release, cocktail party, purchase fair and industrial appraisal and selection, so as to assist its customers in opening up important market channels.

        Activities organized and planned by Landceed are places where transnational corporations acquire information and get in touch with policy makers, where you can have active thinking, find innovative ideas and solutions, feel relaxed and easy, and where you meet your customers and suppliers and develop new business opportunities.

        At present, Landceed has successfully organized more than 50 medium-sized and large events in fields such as food cold chain, finance, automotive logistics, lean automobile manufacturing, automobile lightweighting, construction machinery, hazardous chemicals, petroleum and remanufacturing.

Review of Some Previous Activities:

1. Petroleum and hazardous chemicals

May  14-15, 2014  Yangzhou, China    China Hazardous Chemicals Logistics and Road Transportation International Summit
March 23-24, 2015 Shanghai, China    China Hazardous Chemicals Logistics and Road Transportation International Summit

May   10-11,2016   Shanghai,China     3RD Hazmat Storage&Logistics and Road Transportation International Summit 2016

March 9-10,2017    Shanghai,China     The Fourth  International Summit on Global Petrochemical Supply Chain Security and Harzardous Goods Transportation

2. Remanufacturing industry

July 24-25, 2014   Shanghai, China       2014 Forum on International Remanufacture in New Economic Conditions

October 17-18,2016  Wuhan,China        Asia Pacific Remanufacturing Cooperation Summit 

3. Automobile industry
January 8-9, 2014  Shanghai, China      China Auto Parts Logistics Innovation and Development Summit Forum the Selection of Factory Logistics Innovative Service Mode and the Construction and Implementation of Operation Mode

March 6, 2014       Shanghai,China        Lean Workshop on Supply Chains in International Automobile Industry

August 1, 2014                    China        Forum on Manufacturing Technology in Chinese Automobile Industry

October 27-28, 2014  Shanghai, China   China Summit Forum on Automobile Manufacture Innovation and Development and Exchange Conference on Auto Parts Inbound Logistics Supply and Demand

August 26-27, 2015  Changchun, China  The Fifth Automobile Lightweighting, Interiors and Exteriors Forum

March  22-23,2017   Shanghai, China     Internet+Automotive Industry Innovation Summit The Automotive Aftermarket  Used car Finance Marketing 

4. Construction machinery
October 24-25, 2013  Shanghai, China    China Summit Forum on Marketing of Used Construction Machinery and Aftermarket Service Development

5. Fresh food

August 7-8, 2014  Shanghai, China         The Seventh Asia Cold Chain Logistics Forum and Fresh Food Cold Chain Logistics and Warehousing  Innovation and Development Forum

Best Moments of Previous Activities

  Summit forum        exchange during tea breaks        product display             high-end interview

International exhibition of crafts   international exhibition of tea     CEO club         technical seminar