Landceed strategic investment and financing services 

        Landceed team possesses an extensive network of social connections consisting of political and commercial top decision makers, which has continuously developed for dozens of years and continues to expand. The company organizes commercial activities in nine countries and has 8 offices and 150 expert consultants all over the world; it also boasts rich management experience in important industries such as energy, finance, health care, higher education, Internet, automobile industry, remanufacturing industry, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and technology, media and telecommunication (TMT).
        Landceed attempts to achieve the maximum capital gain for enterprises and finally realize enterprise development strategies mainly on the platform of capital market and in unique consulting modes such as merger, acquisition, transfer, equity swap, investment expansion, asset restructuring, shrinkage and withdrawal as well as capital market financing. Meanwhile, it provides authoritative, comprehensive and accurate strategic M&A and investment consulting services for enterprise groups, transnational corporations and financial investment institutions with the help of overseas merger and acquisition financing center.

1.     Ratio of the number of investment fields to the number of investment cases (2008~2015)

2.    Monthly comparison between IPO quantity and amount of financing in Chinese enterprises (2014-2015)


3.    Trading volume of cross-border mergers and acquisitions of Chinese enterprises (2008~2014)

4.     Distribution of overseas investment of Chinese enterprises


5.     Overseas enterprises with investment in China