2015 China International Forum on Hazardous Chemicals Logistics and Road Transport
Time:March 19th-20th 2015
Place: Huaqiao Doubletree Hotels Kunshan Jiangsu

Organizer:Shanghai Landceed Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
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Landceed’s  Report on Hazardous Chemicals Industry:
Investigation Report on Domestic and Foreign Hazardous Chemicals Logistics Development Trend
Market Analysis and Forecast Report of China Road Transport Vehicles
Investment and Financing of Petrochemical Logistics Industry and Analysis of Investment Opportunities in the Next Five Years
Feasibility Study Report on Hazardous Chemicals Storage Project
Report on China 's Petrochemical Industry Forecast in the Next Five Years
Analysis of China 's Hazardous Chemicals Storage Market and Logistics Park Report
China 's Hazardous Chemicals Storage Investment Strategy Consulting and Forecast Report
China's Hazardous Chemicals Storage Industry Market Research and Five-year Forecast Analysis (increase training)
2015 China International Forum on Hazardous Chemicals Logistics and Road Transport host successfully at Huaqiao Doubletree Hotels Kunshan Jiangsu
    In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the demand for dangerous goods is also increasing rapidly,According to statistics, China's annual transport of dangerous goods through road transport in about 200 million tons, more than 95% for off-site transport, which flammable and explosive oil more than 100 million tons, but the storage transport accident rate of more than 30%, how to tie Dangerous goods logistics development "seat belts" to achieve safe and sustainable green logistics, has become the focus of industry attention, but also the industry authorities and enterprises for dangerous cargo transport safety management of the top priority!
n this context, as a third party observer of the dangerous cargo transport industry, Shanghai Ai Mei Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd host 2015 " China International Forum on Hazardous Chemicals Logistics and Road Transport."

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Main Topic Part 1:Focus on the latest regulatory policies and trends in road transport of dangerous chemicals in China (March 19th AM)

Speech Topic:Thinking about Hazardous Goods Transportation Safety
Speaker:China Transportation department, Water transport , Director Chen Zhengcai

Speech Topic:A Comparative Study on the Standards of Chemical Regulations at Home and Abroad and Analysis of Accident Cases
Speaker:China Academy of Safety Science and Technology, Hazardous Chemicals Research Center ---Wang Rujun

Speech Topic:Current Situation and Development Trend of Supply Chain Management of Petrochemical Enterprises in China
Speaker:China Association of Warehouses and storage(CAWS)General Secretary-Chai Baoshen

Speech Topic:The implementation of responsible care, improve transport safety level
Speaker:China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation-Guanglian Pang

Main Topic  Part 2:Foreign market development of hazardous chemicals logistics status and the latest security management response policy (March 19th PM)

Speech Topic:United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)
Speaker:Sabrina Mansion Transport Division Dangerous Goods and Special Cargoes Section
Speech Topic:To create high-end carrying vehicles, reduce the risk of dangerous goods logistics "dangerous"
Speaker:Dongfeng Motor Liuzhou General manager assistant-Zeng Wei

Speech Topic:Alcoa wheel with your to escort dangerous goods transport
Speaker:ALCOA Suzhou Sales Director Jiang Yong

Speech Topic:Transport risk assessment and best practice sharing
Speaker:Methanex Canada Asia-pacific responsible care manager- Muyi Li 

Speech Topic:German tanker inspection
Speaker:TUV Shanghai China Thomas Hauswirth Technical manager

Speech Topic:International chemical manufacturers in the domestic practice of road safety and quality assessment system(RSQAS)
Speaker:AICM/BASF China John.Gao/Li Donghong

Speech Topic:Accidents with dangerous goods--circumstances, damage analysis and prevention methods
Speaker:TÜV Erik Holzhauser, M.Sc. Hazardous Technology Leader& Moving Pressure Device Certification Leader

Speech Topic:Global latest oil transportation policies and technologies
Speaker:CIMC Fang Kun

Speech Topic:International Chemicals Supply Chain Challenge and Safe Operation Management
Speaker:Reliance Industries  Sukumar Narasimhan Sr. VP Supply Chain

Speech Topic:Five General Mistakes of Hazardous Chemicals Logistics Planning
Speaker:Suttons Transport Group Ian Kaw Sales & Marketing Director (APAC) at Suttons Transport Group

Main Topic  Part 3:Analysis of How to Make Hazardous Chemicals Supply Chain Management safer(March 20th AM )

Speech Topic:To create "dangerous cargo transport road transport service alliance", so that dangerous goods transport is no longer dangerous
Speaker:Department of Transportation Road Science Research Center-Wu Jinzhong

Speech Topic:Safety culture is the cornerstone of good security performance, for the sustainable development of chemical logistics enterprises escort
Speaker:Sinochem International QHSE –Li Changzheng

Speech Topic:From the production plant to the customer: the whole distribution of security
Speaker:Praxiair China-Cheng Yuanbiao

Speech Topic:Tire service management, the first line of defense for the safety of dangerous goods transportation
Speaker:Xiamen Zhengxin Haiyan Tire-Hong Xiaobin

Speech Topic:Dangerous goods enterprise group management implement unified management to reduce risk
Speaker:China National Petroleum Corporation-Li Zisheng

Speech Topic:Current Situation and Thinking of Fire Emergency Rescue in Hazardous Road Transportation Accident
Speaker:Ministry of Public Security Shanghai Fire Research Institute   Ruan Zhen
Main Topic  Part 4:Based on hazardous chemicals road transport safety, to create timely and efficient control of logistics services, mining third-party profit source(March 20th PM)

Speech Topic:The Application of Storage Technology Concept in Different Transportation Modes
Speaker:Dupont Asia-Pacific Director Lei Pingmei

Speech Topic:Optimize the layout, to create "high efficiency, low cost" green logistics
Speaker:Nrhsaa Logistics General manager Jiang Yongming

Speech Topic:Application of Quantitative Risk Assessment in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods
Speaker:SECCO Shanghai   Logistics HSSE Manager-Qu Huantao


Speech Topic: How to provide chemical industry market for professional, package logistics solutions
Speaker:Ningbo Jinyang Chem Logistics Vice Director Weng Yongxiang

Speech Topic:Strengthen the main safety responsibility of dangerous chemicals enterprises from ourselves
Speaker:Bauhiniahk Xie Shan

Speech Topic:Whchem Corporation Hazardous Chemicals Transportation Management System
Speaker:Whchem Sucaiyu
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